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The Yellow Box Subscription – The benefits of Meron Coffee Subscription


Freshly roasted coffee is one of the things we value most in Meron. Whether you find it at Meron Roastery, on our locations, online on shop or on the grinders in our coffee shops, we always make sure that we extract in the cup only the best beans.

We select coffee origins from all over the world, which we roast in Cluj-Napoca, depending on the parameters we constantly adjust. We work with single origin coffee that we test closely, to get the best results on espresso – with or without milk and on filter. Our roasting style is medium light and we are always looking for complex origins that will surprise our taste buds: floral, fruity or chocolate origins, with classic or anaerobic processing.  

So tell us. How many times you stood in front of our coffee shops, staring at the shop, wondering what to buy? Of course, you can always ask our baristas for a recommendation, but isn’t it easier to order your coffee at home? You share with us your coffee preferences and we prepare a coffee box suited for you.

We got you covered! We have prepared for you The Yellow Box, the monthly or weekly coffee subscription with origins specially selected by our roaster. You choose the period, the type of subscription, we write down in the calendar, we put in the yellow package the best coffee beans and we send them to you at home or at the office.

This way, you will always have freshly roasted coffee, delivered directly to your home. Carefree and much more eager to explore the culture of specialty coffee. Easy, right?

What is Yellow Box Subscription and what are its benefits?

Coffee subscription is the service that allows you to sample different types of coffee beans, roasts, and origin. Then, place an order on when and how frequently they want that coffee or a blend delivered to their doorstep.

We offer a direct subscription – meaning we are the roasters and the ones in charge of delivering the coffee. Our selection of coffee are based on the experience of our Head Roaster, Delia Avram. So, we prepared for you two options:Coffee Explorer and Coffee Master. The first is dedicated to those coffee explorers, that enjoy tasting new coffees with every occasion. Coffee Master is dedicated to the coffee geeks, the ones looking for atypical fermentation & roasting.

What to expect?

The Coffee Explorer Box provides you with the coffee you need to embark on a journey of coffee discovery. No fuss, no stress, never run out of coffee. It’s designed for caffeine junkies or those who never miss the opportunity to try new origins, roasting styles, using different brewing methods.

  • Every coffee subscription edition contains two or four unique coffees. This way, you will never run out of coffee, with a slight chance to taste twice to have the same thing twice (unless you want to!);
  • Seasonal 100% Arabica single-origin coffees;
  • Roasted on order and delivered as whole beans or ground for your brewing methods;
  • A perfect representation of unique varieties, clean processing methods and new origins.

The Coffee Master Box is a complex experience. Each box contains either Meron Rarities or Founder Selection (or both) – nano or micro lots of coffees that we select from all over the world, we roast and taste them at our roastery in Transylvania. Among coffee lovers they are known as “something exquisite” – indulging coffees for you to enjoy. 

  • Designed for coffee enthusiasts and professionals who never stop searching for the ultimate nuanced coffee experience;
  • A coffee of the month club that allows you exclusive access to amazing micro-lot coffees from around the world;
  • Complex coffees with expressive profiles and experimental processing;
  • Consultancy available to you whenever you need it.

What should you look for in a coffee subscription service?

  • Coffee origins selection
  • Customer care
  • Frequency
  • Delivery time

1. Fresh roasted coffee, but perfect rested for you to enjoy it

The very next annoying thing after running out of coffee is stale coffee beans when you look for a delicious brew. One of the particularities of specialty coffee is that is freshly roasted.

2. Reliability

2 bags per month or 4 bags per month, you chose – depending if you are a morning drinker or a heavy drinker. Depending on how many coffee lovers live under the same roof. A coffee subscription will save you from driving of walking into one of our coffee stores. Your favorite beans will be waiting you at home or the office as frequently as you want them without worrying of running out of coffee. We got you covered.

3. Single-origin coffee 

Single-origin coffee means exactly how it sounds. It means that the beans come from one geographical region or country and could be harvested from the same farm or estate or multiple farms in the same country. Simply put, a single-origin coffee means that it comes from a single producer, crop, or region in one country. Coffees that aren’t single-origin are typically referred to as blends, which include more than one single-origin coffee.

4. Diversity and exclusive selections 

We always encourage you to learn, explore and appreciate coffee. Every time you expose yourself to a new origin or processing, you are one step closer into understanding coffee. Opting for a subscription will give you access to a lot of kinds of beans that you may not find in coffee stores.

5. Costs 

Yes, it is important for you to know that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and save costs while you do it. It saves you money, time of walking down to the nearest coffee shop and the effort of choosing from what you can find in a coffee shop. You will spend less per cup, the coffee  is delivered at your door. Another key point of a coffee subscription is knowledge regarding coffee. We ensure a constant developing of the consumer, sharing coffee samples, recipes, insights and useful information for coffee lovers.

Join the Yellow Box Subscription now. The cut-off date for customers’ orders is February 20, 2021. All orders placed before that date will be shipped out on March 1, 2021. Orders placed after February 20 will be shipped out on April 1, 2021.