Coffee Festivals



Coffee festivals have a special place in our hearts. And this year we start, with the one and only,  The World of Coffee (WOC) festival in Dubai.

Held from January 21th to January 23th, we had three days with unique origins, brew talks, industry workshops, and networking with the most professional roasteries.

Since we loved it so much, we couldn’t not share our experience at The Roasters Village at the Dubai World of Coffee.


Can you see how excited we were to be there? The Roaster Village was busy, and we loved it. Specialty coffee enthusiasts are everywhere, curious and eager to learn everything about the coffee selections we prepared for them:


Coffee Origins:

1. Colombia Inmaculada Geisha

processed naturally, and with medium acidity, it has a sweet and refined taste with notes of orange blossom, raspberry, rose tea, dried cranberries, and panela.

2. Colombia El Placer Geisha

a white honey processing method, among the tasting notes, you can find melon, acacia flowers, plums, eucalyptus and white grapes.

3. Colombia El Placer Wush Wush –

the processing method is extended fermentation and tasting notes include: melon, tropical fruits, lemon candy, lemongrass and magnolia.

4. Colombia Buenos Aires Sidra –

natural processing, and a medium acidity with tasting notes as honeysuckle, passion fruit, melon, tangerine, and nectarine

5. Colombia Bella Alejandria Gesha

this coffee is made through a double fermentation for 140 hours with submerged anaerobic fermentation in mucilage, which helps to develop an outstanding floral and citric profile. The tasting notes include white flowers, lemongrass, honeydew melon, mango and apricots

6. Ethiopia Konga Amederaro

a super-natural processing method, with an acidity medium-high, and the tasting notes include melon, tropical fruits, dark cherry, elderflower, and wine

7. Colombia El Guayacan –

anaerobic fermentation and features tasting notes such as aromatic herbs, tangerine, dried apricots and cherry jam.

8. Honduras Jorge Anival Ventura –

anaerobic natural processing, where you may find tasting notes such as: honey, melon, apricot and white flowers.

Although we wish every festival could last as long as possible (maybe even never end), those three days have been intense, filled with many happenings:

  • we served unique coffee origins on the brew bar, many of which were purchased by visitors eager to experience the coffees in their own way;
  • we had productive discussions, and soon we’ll announce something truly special for coffee lovers in Romania;
  • we met remarkable personalities from the coffee world, like Jorge Castro from Inmaculada Coffee Farms and Samuel Janna from La Palma & El Tucan/ Equation Coffee;
  • we got to know Tetsu Kasuya, World Brewers Cup 2016 Champion;
  • participated in cuppings.

We’re arrived home with lots of coffee samples to test and choose from, adding new origins to our lineup soon.



Here you can watch some captured moments from the festival!