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Why drinking Jasmine Tea will make your day better


Time is our most valuable resource. We all try to get the best of our daily 24 hours, but trying to get done too many things could make you lack focus and efficiency. Sometimes, relaxing with a cup of Jasmine Tea is the most productive thing you could do and here is why.


It will make you leave the stress behind

Specialty tea lovers know best that drinking tea is not exclusively about its taste. A complete experience is supposed to make you also enjoy its calming benefits. That being said, we invite you to take your time and smell the Jasmine Tea before you take the first sip of it. The floral notes will take over your senses just to remind you of the endless summer days.


It will improve your attention

Focus is the ability to pay attention to one thing at the expense of all others, which can be very difficult in a society that emphasizes multitasking. Increasing your ability to focus can foster creativity, promote problem-solving skills and decrease the stress associated with handling more than one task at once. Taking time to savour a cup of Jasmine Tea will help you clear your mind and focus on what`s most important.


It will reunite you with your dear ones 

Besides its relaxing and calming benefits, tea time is also a great occasion to reunite with your dear ones. The origins of 5 o’clock tea tradition are British, but the concept of having tea in the afternoon is present in multiple cultures. Therefore, we propose you to set up a monthly-close-friends-meeting, where you can drink tea and share your stories. Jasmine Tea and a cosy place near the window might be the perfect background for friends to catch up.


Working hard and getting things done are your superpowers, but remember every superhero needs to recharge batteries. Take a break, relax, meet a friend and enjoy the moment with a cup of specialty tea by your side.