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“Unseen by the Naked Eye”, Ioana Tocoaie


Ioana Tocoaie (b. 1998) is a young emerging artist currently completing her studies at the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. She has an artistic studio located in Sibiu, Romania.

Her artworks, regardless of the theme or subject addressed, represent an apparently illogical detachment from reality.

The fantastical world she transposes is characterized by unexpected, chaotic appearances, or fragmentation.

The viewer experiences states of discomfort, anxiety, fear, surprise, and emotional shock due to the ‘never seen before’ elements. The imaginative play of each artwork brings a character to the viewer’s center, a feminine figure pieced together from several fragments, transposed like a theatrical scenography. Whether we’re talking about body, anatomical elements or feminine objects, they also represent a reflection of Ioana.

The fantastical allows her to take an oblique path in establishing a relationship between the human and the extraordinary, thus creating labyrinthine paintings full of obstacles and collages of elements taken from different worlds.

Curated by Crina Ciocian, this exhibition is open for visitation from November 14th to December 4th at Meron Horea, no. 5.