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“The Tailor Works Out”, Vlad Sulea


TheTailor is Vlad Sulea, an independent visual designer.

He is driven by the love for experimentation in all areas linked with graphic design, developping projects from brand identity and promo campaigns to interior and object design.

His professional experience of more than 20 years is built around advertising, fashion and music events. His approach is very personal and organic, deeply involving the client in the creative process.

The Tailor Works Out is a project that combines a creative workshop with an exhibition.

For a week, Vlad leads a poster design experiment. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate and build layouts. Drawing, coloring, cutting, collage, and composition – no computers, just pure, physical creativity.

After this creative period, the works will be exhibited at the Meron Gallery.

The exhibition is open for visitation from January 15th to February 1st at Meron Horea, no. 5.