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Meron Faces: The Story Behind


If you entered at least once in our locations, it’s almost impossible to have been missed the main element of Meron’s identity: the Meron faces. You know, that painting from one of the walls, nearby our serving area, cool and imperfect, half latino, half… you chose.

In 2016, Cosmin Todor, the designer that created the first Meron coffee shop in Cluj-Napoca, wanted to give a personal, crafty touch to the space. He wanted an artisanal craft element that can show us as we are: a local brand, that cherishes crafted items – from the cups to the product, to the space itself. 

We bring specialty coffee from all over the world. So why wouldn’t we let all the people enjoy it? No matter the cultural differences, the Home of Coffee has plenty of space for everybody.

Hand painted or cut in metal, you will find the Meron faces in our locations as a brand element that speaks for the beans turned into espresso and for the people that drink it.

Meron Faces: Acceptance & Community

Coffee, and specialty coffee in particular, changes your mood, your performance and not least, it fills our social needs. It gives us common ground. It creates a space for us to share thoughts. It’s a fundamental human need: community. It’s personal and subjective. It depends on your taste, mood and openness to the new.

Acceptance is not longer just a courageous action. It’s the frankness that lets you speak your mind, it’s the empathy with which you embrace yours or someone else’s flaws. It’s normal. It’s our way of showing you that we embrace diversity: from our coffees to our #peopleofmeron. Btw, we cannot tell you how much we miss having you on our locations or meeting you at festivals, that morning buzz, that people-come-people-go hum. All of these make us who we are.

Meron Faces & Locations 


Meron Opera     |     Meron Zalău     |     Meron Târgu Mureș

Meron Platinia    |    Meron Roastery     |     Meron Napoca

Meron Cișmigiu     |     Meron Satu Mare    |    Meron Central

Which Meron Faces do you see more often? Which one is your favourite?

Creative credits: 

Meron Napoca, Roastery, Cișmigiu, Platinia, Central: Marius Fărcaș

Meron Satu-Mare & Târgu Mureș, Zalău: Mădălina Motogna 

Meron Opera: Conrad Altmann