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If we had to choose just one reason why we love what we do and the industry we work in, it would be very difficult. Farm trips, finding excellent origins, cupping sessions, competitions, we do them all with great passion. However, coffee festivals have a special place in our hearts. Milan, Paris, London and now Amsterdam.


We came back from the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, which was held from March 30th to April 1st, grateful and energized for the next projects and festivals. Since we loved it so much, we couldn’t not share our experience at The Roasters Village at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival.



We were delighted to meet people who understand, appreciate and respect the passion for coffee. All the visitors who came to our booth were curious, excited and showed a real interest in tasting our carefully selected origins. Moreover, they were interested in us telling them all about the farms and farmers from which the coffees come from.


We brewed side by side with renowned roasters, with whom we discussed the culture of specialty coffee. We really felt what it means to have a community that shares your values, philosophy and passion. It was a wonderful opportunity to feel the pulse of the industry and connect with industry experts.


Cătălina, Alex and Cristi did an incredible job showing off their brewing skills on pour-over and espresso. Our amazing origins were definitely handled with care and appreciated by every visitor at our stand: 

Colombia Aroma Nativo Geisha – lactic fermentation with honeysuckle, tropical fruits, peach, honey;

Brazil Vinhal Cafes – triple fermentation and tasting notes of violets, fanta, red grapes, starfruit;

Yemen Bani Al Areef carbonic maceration with rose wine, raspberry, apricots, dates and floral tasting notes;

Colombia Granja Paraiso 92 –  thermal shock processing and tasting notes of lemongrass, lavender, tea-rose, mango, tangerine;

Panama Abu Coffee Estate – anaerobic natural processing and tasting notes of cherry, hibiscus, nectarine, rose wine;

Colombia Delagua – anaerobic natural processing and tasting notes of black cherry, rum, toffee, hazelnuts;

Colombia La Abuela – washed coffee with blossom, roses, raspberry, hibiscus, tropical fruits. 

Ethiopia Kebele – natural anaerobic with jasmine, banana, mango, apricot, cocoa butter.

The absolute stars of the festival were Yemen, Colombia Paraiso and Colombia La Abuela, coffees that sold out in the first hours of the festival.

Within each festival, it is an honor for us to represent the Romanian specialty coffee industry. Until the next festival (which is very close), we will keep roasting light & staying bold.

Here you can watch some captured moments from the festival!