Probatone 25: New roasting equipment at Meron Roastery

We are proudly presenting you the latest acquisition that entered our roastery: Probatone 25. A brand new roaster to take our roasting game to the next level. You know we are truly geeks when it comes to coffee equipment. We buy only top equipment, from espresso machines to roasters or grinders – you will find them in our coffee shops and in our roastery.

Why? In the specialty coffee industry, every chain of the supply aims to bring out the best notes & flavors in the bean. And even if it’s all made with passion, you got to have science and technology on your side. From our Probat 25 to La Marzocco espresso machines or Victoria Arduino grinders, we work with top equipment and we will keep doing that.

Probatone is the market leader among coffee roasting equipment, having more than 100 years of experience in the industry & being the first to invest in roasting technology. The double wall rotary drum roaster has a very good thermal stability, which is great because we get to read the temperature in real time & control the roasting profile. It allows us record, edit, analyse, save and open roast profiles, and displays the relevant parameters such as roasting time, temperature and burner power. Also, it’s made for simultaneous roasting and cooling to produce consistent, homogeneous roasts.

Probatone 25 Advantages

Probatone 25: Behind the scenes

Probatone 25: Now Roasting

Probat Team: “You have to love coffee to roast it properly, and you have to live and breathe coffee to really enjoy it. Coffee wants to be touched, tasted, smelled and enjoyed with all the senses.”

We are now testing this baby and soon we’ll be ready to share with you fresh roasted beans from all over the world. Ready?