Meron Attentive: First Steps of Being Environmentally Sustainable and Responsible

At Meron we’re committed to creating amazing coffee experiences. Our passion for the coffee industry comes to life with every single coffee bean we are roasting and with each cup of coffee we are serving.

We are highly focused on bringing you the gift of coffee in a sustainable and responsible way. We are paying close attention to the environment and its people. We are aiming for sustainability with every sip.

Meron Attentive is our way to limit the impact on the environment and to challenge ourselves to continually work as hard as we can to improve how we use the natural resources. 

Meron Attentive also thinks about socially and economically responsible choices when purchasing coffee and supplies. That is why our coffee is bought from small farmers that grow coffee in harmony with the environment and then roasted in our own roastery from Cluj-Napoca.

Last but, not least we are attentive to the people surrounding us, the industry, the guests, the ones in need. For us, the people are the most important asset.

Meron Attentive is a long term approach focused on moving toward. Every day we are one step closer to a better tomorrow and a sustainable future!

So far, these are our first steps of being environmentally sustainable and responsible:

Oxo-degradable coffee bags

Last year we introduced our new “Bak2earth” eco-friendly bags oxo-degradable coffee bags. These packagings return to the ground dissolving within 85 days.

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Farewell clear plastic coffee bags! Hello oxo-degradable eco-friendly packs!? Don’t you just love the look of our latest coffee bags?? Also known as #Back2Earth, they are made of 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic. But don’t forget, it’s the inside that counts, cuz there’s #specialtycoffee inside.? #newlook #meron #homeofcoffee #coffeeasyouare #meronroastery

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Bring your own reusable cup

The majority of takeaway coffee cups end up as waste. One simple way to reduce your footprint is to buy a reusable coffee mug. At Meron, equipping yourself with a reusable travel mug can also save you money in the long term:

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Primăvara = cald, soare, neapărat plimbare și 10% sau 15% reducere pentru schimbare. Știm că de când a venit vremea bună vă place să vă petreceți mai mult timp în natură și vrem să vă răsplătim pe aceia dintre voi care aveți grijă de ea. Astfel, toți cei care vin cu keepcup-ul sau tumblerul lor au 10% reducere la orice produs pe bază de cafea, iar cei care vin cu un tumbler Meron au 15% reducere. P. S. Tumblerele Meron le găsiți în oricare dintre cafenelele Meron și online pe ? Acum hai, la plimbare toată lumea! ? . . . #meron #homeofcoffee #coffeeasyouare #peopleofmeron #specialtycoffee #tumbler #coffeetogo #keepcup #clujnapoca #bucharest #satumare

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Paper Straws

Sometimes, things that are ‘a given’ are not always essential, but just a ‘habit’, for example the habit of using a plastic straw. It takes only 10 minutes to drink with a plastic straw, but 400-500 years for one to be broken down.

Starting now, you can find paper straws, an alternative to plastic straws, in our coffee shops.

Is it more to come? Always! Our goal is not about seeking perfection, but about achieving constant improvements.