Panama Mi Finquita: Specialty Coffee Roasted at Meron

Mi Finquita, meaning  “My small farm”, is a project founded by long-term coffee professionals and coffee producers Ratibor Hartmann and his wife Tessie. Ratibor is one of the siblings of Finca Hartmann, so coffee is practically in his blood. It’s an answer to the opportunity of the growing specialty coffee sector and the increasing demand of customers for specially produced lots of coffee

The climate from Mi Finquita is mild tropical with temperature as low as 4°C at night and sometimes even frost and ice. The annual averages are 18 °C during the day, 15°C during the morning and a maximum of 26 ° C in the afternoons during the summer.

In the production of Mi Finquita coffees they keep in mind the need to differentiate themselves in a market as competitive as the specialty coffee market, and more than producing coffees they call it “designing” coffees, applying science, traditional and innovative fermentation methods, always with the clients’ needs and wishes in mind. The results are a serious of limited specialty coffee lots, with exotic flavor profiles.

The farm’s activity is done in harmony with the environment, with ecologically friendly products used.

Panama Mi Finquita roasted at Meron Roastery

Enjoy a natural dried processed Panama from Mi Finquita with a flavorful cup profile tasting like: black cherry, plums, bananas, green tea

Freshly roasted single origin specialty coffee roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery, take a look at the Panama Mi Finquita  cup profile:

Country of origin: Panama

Farm:Mi Finquita

Varieties: Caturra

Elevation: 1650-2000 m

Proc. Method: Natural dry

Tasting notes: black cherry, plums, bananas, green tea

Roasting profile: Medium Light roast.

Experience this amazing specialty coffee at home. Order it online from our shop.

The Yellow Box Subscription – The benefits of Meron Coffee Subscription

Freshly roasted coffee is one of the things we value most in Meron. Whether you find it at Meron Roastery, on our locations, online on shop or on the grinders in our coffee shops, we always make sure that we extract in the cup only the best beans.

We select coffee origins from all over the world, which we roast in Cluj-Napoca, depending on the parameters we constantly adjust. We work with single origin coffee that we test closely, to get the best results on espresso – with or without milk and on filter. Our roasting style is medium light and we are always looking for complex origins that will surprise our taste buds: floral, fruity or chocolate origins, with classic or anaerobic processing.  

So tell us. How many times you stood in front of our coffee shops, staring at the shop, wondering what to buy? Of course, you can always ask our baristas for a recommendation, but isn’t it easier to order your coffee at home? You share with us your coffee preferences and we prepare a coffee box suited for you.

We got you covered! We have prepared for you The Yellow Box, the monthly or weekly coffee subscription with origins specially selected by our roaster. You choose the period, the type of subscription, we write down in the calendar, we put in the yellow package the best coffee beans and we send them to you at home or at the office.

This way, you will always have freshly roasted coffee, delivered directly to your home. Carefree and much more eager to explore the culture of specialty coffee. Easy, right?

What is Yellow Box Subscription and what are its benefits?

Coffee subscription is the service that allows you to sample different types of coffee beans, roasts, and origin. Then, place an order on when and how frequently they want that coffee or a blend delivered to their doorstep.

We offer a direct subscription – meaning we are the roasters and the ones in charge of delivering the coffee. Our selection of coffee are based on the experience of our Head Roaster, Delia Avram. So, we prepared for you two options:Coffee Explorer and Coffee Master. The first is dedicated to those coffee explorers, that enjoy tasting new coffees with every occasion. Coffee Master is dedicated to the coffee geeks, the ones looking for atypical fermentation & roasting.

What to expect?

The Coffee Explorer Box provides you with the coffee you need to embark on a journey of coffee discovery. No fuss, no stress, never run out of coffee. It’s designed for caffeine junkies or those who never miss the opportunity to try new origins, roasting styles, using different brewing methods.

The Coffee Master Box is a complex experience. Each box contains either Meron Rarities or Founder Selection (or both) – nano or micro lots of coffees that we select from all over the world, we roast and taste them at our roastery in Transylvania. Among coffee lovers they are known as “something exquisite” – indulging coffees for you to enjoy. 

What should you look for in a coffee subscription service?

1. Fresh roasted coffee, but perfect rested for you to enjoy it

The very next annoying thing after running out of coffee is stale coffee beans when you look for a delicious brew. One of the particularities of specialty coffee is that is freshly roasted.

2. Reliability

2 bags per month or 4 bags per month, you chose – depending if you are a morning drinker or a heavy drinker. Depending on how many coffee lovers live under the same roof. A coffee subscription will save you from driving of walking into one of our coffee stores. Your favorite beans will be waiting you at home or the office as frequently as you want them without worrying of running out of coffee. We got you covered.

3. Single-origin coffee 

Single-origin coffee means exactly how it sounds. It means that the beans come from one geographical region or country and could be harvested from the same farm or estate or multiple farms in the same country. Simply put, a single-origin coffee means that it comes from a single producer, crop, or region in one country. Coffees that aren’t single-origin are typically referred to as blends, which include more than one single-origin coffee.

4. Diversity and exclusive selections 

We always encourage you to learn, explore and appreciate coffee. Every time you expose yourself to a new origin or processing, you are one step closer into understanding coffee. Opting for a subscription will give you access to a lot of kinds of beans that you may not find in coffee stores.

5. Costs 

Yes, it is important for you to know that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and save costs while you do it. It saves you money, time of walking down to the nearest coffee shop and the effort of choosing from what you can find in a coffee shop. You will spend less per cup, the coffee  is delivered at your door. Another key point of a coffee subscription is knowledge regarding coffee. We ensure a constant developing of the consumer, sharing coffee samples, recipes, insights and useful information for coffee lovers.

Join the Yellow Box Subscription now. The cut-off date for customers’ orders is February 20, 2021. All orders placed before that date will be shipped out on March 1, 2021. Orders placed after February 20 will be shipped out on April 1, 2021.

Honduras Maguey: Specialty Coffee Roasted at Meron

The natural process enhances this Honduras lot with fresh white grapes and nectarine tasting notes with a floral finish. Freshly roasted single origin specialty coffee roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery, take a look at the Honduras Maguey cup profile:


Country of origin: Honduras

Farm: Maguey

Varieties: Bourbon

Elevation: 1200 – 1600 m

Proc. Method: Honey

Tasting notes: Green Tea, White Grapes, Nectarine

Roasting profile: Medium Light roast.

Experience this amazing specialty coffee at home. Order it online from our shop.

#FallWinterSpecials, our way of embracing the cold season


… is our way of giving you a free journey through time and space. We wanted to let you feel emotions you are longing for, to travel around the world without leaving your city, to recreate moments you didn`t even know you were missing. Juices, fruits and vegetables, cured meats and fish, intriguant flavors – they blend perfectly in our new fall-winter menu.

So prepare yourself for a well deserved trip through textures and flavors, it will surprise each and every sense of yours.

Spiced Apple

#PictureThis: you’re next to a fireplace. It’s still early, but outside it’s getting dark. The fire illuminates the whole room and the air smells like spicies & sweets.

You may think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and so would we. But it’s still early for that.

It’s just a cold afternoon. A perfect one to enjoy a hot drink and good book. You take a sip of the punch next to you.

The apple, the lemon and the ginger mix perfectly together and a warm atmosphere embraces the room. Are you sure it’s not Christmas yet?

Ginseng Elixir








#PictureThis: you’re in a cozy place, e.g your favorite coffee shop, surrounded by friends and people who share the same interests as you.

No one is wearing a mask and they don’t even have to. The pandemic never happened.

You already had 2 coffees today, so you feel like trying something else. Something from the #FallWinterSpecials got your attention.

Ginseng Elixir, a delicious seasonally-minded hot punch with chunks of pineapple made with in-house ingredients, as the barista explained to you.

Plus, you’ve heard that ginseng is an immunity booster. Who knows when this will use you?

Asian Orange

#PictureThis: you’re spending the cold season somewhere under the bright sun. A place where quilted jackets and thick hats were not even invented. Somewhere in the Philippines, where the Average winter temperature is 27°C. Nice, right?
As you sit on the beach and sunbathe, you suddenly feel the desire to cool off with a drink. Something refreshing, something made with in-house ingredients, something different than your usual cup of lemonade.
A lemonade made with sea buckthorn puree, freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice. Asian Orange, a delight inspired by your dream vacation.
Btw, did you know that sea buckthorn first appeared in Asia?

Duck Sandwich

#PictureThis: You’re having brunch in the middle of the week. No, you’re not on vacation, but you feel like you were. And no one can blame you.

You’re having a coffee from Costa Rica and next to it, a Duck Sandwich inspired by the Asian Cuisine to complete your journey of the senses.

You take a bite from your sandwich. A sip from your coffee. No, you’re not dreaming, you do travel, but only with your senses.

Shrimp Salad

#PictureThis: You live in a house by the beach. You have a simple and happy life in a small village in Thailand. You swim. You ride your bike to go places.

You wake up before sunrise to buy fresh seafood off the fisherman’s boat and prepare breakfast with it. Next to it, you add some fruits & vegetables from your own garden.

Today’s dish: shrimps salad, one of your favorites. Food-wise, this is the best part of the day. Enjoy it!

Loco Moco

#PictureThis: A girl just welcomed you with a flower lei around your neck. Everyone is wearing thin clothes and having fun. Bathing suit, hula skirts and bare feet, you’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth, you’re living the Hawaiian dream.

While you’re admiring the hula dancers vibrating on hawaiian beats, a local comes to say hi. The flower leis and the hula hoops are not the only traditions around here. Do you want to try a local dish, he asks.

Loco Moco, simple food with simple ingredients, a dish featured in contemporary Hawaiian cuisine. I can stay here forever, you whisper to yourself.


Now, more than ever, travel with your senses and taste them all at Meron Platinia, Monday – Friday (8:00-17:00) & weekends (9:00 – 17:00) 💛


10k #peopleofmeron on Instagram | Milestones are not about us, are about you

You, the one reading this and me, and me, the one behind the keyboard, are on the same journey with 9,998 other people. And together, we are part of the #peopleofmeron Community. What did it took to get here? More than 4 years of passion for coffee, constant commitment and a lot of memories to throw back to. So we decided to celebrate this milestone through your eyes. See the whole journey in the following article! 😀

Constant development of the people that brighten up your mornings: Our Baristas

Sometimes, our baristas are the first hoomans (your pet counts as well, but you might go back to bed for a short nap and those emails won’t solve themselves 😅 ) you interact with at the beginning of the day. So how would you feel if your day starts grumpy, with a coffee that is too hot or too cold or, even worst with bad attitude towards you? We know. That’s why we are friendly and communicative, that’s why we are always willing to share with you our knowledge about coffee and what suits you best.

Our baristas are guided through constant training and development by our training team: Delia, Alina, Cristi, Dorin & Bogdan. 🙏

No matter the skill: latte art, recipe adjustments, brew, coffee chemistry, cupping, customer approach – everything can be improved. So where there is a will, there is a way. From new entries, to gray apron baristas – we lift each other up in order to obtain the best results in your cup. And smiles on your face, ofc.


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Trust is earned and it’s delivered sip by sip

From the roaster to the people behind the Instagram account, managers and baristas, we try to measure our effectiveness. This is how we can measure the educational improvement of specialty coffee consumers: throughout your curiosities, your feedback and suggestions, your appreciation, your tags and mentions on Instagram every time you step in and your enthusiasm when we share our good.

“Fidelity and good quality engagement shows progress.”

We think that every brand has to have a Corina like ours, that always takes the time to answer customer’s messages and curiosities. That puts herself into the shoes of the person drinking the coffee and at the same time, of the business. That understands how important it is to explain what it took to extract that espresso, what origin fits best for your home made brew and how to adjust your recipes. So, if you ever asked us something, now you know that she was there for you, every single time.

Our DECAMERON through your eyes

We warmly share our story to the curious customers that wish to find more about Meron, bringing them along in the world of coffee. We cherish each and every one of you that want to know the process behind the cup.

We are not perfect and we do not pretend to know it all, buuuut the passion for specialty coffee and the community we gather around it brought us here. Imagine what can we do next 😀

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Chocolate chips

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Name a better duo, I'll wait 😝💛 #coffee#best#love#inspiration#meron

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#coffeeasyouare ☕️💛

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Stand for your local, create magic & enjoy

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Praf de stelee pe hainele melee ✨ Cineva testează pigmenții ca lumea, altcineva suflă în ei 😂 Zoom the cool picture out 😉 Tare faină poza, dear (scuză-mă că sunt purcică, m-am băgat peste editarea ta și am răcit cromatic poza) P.S pigmentul/glitter roz-auriu de la este atâât de frumoos 😍

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Surrounded by smart, powerful and inspiring women 👸 This weekend was a great one and I’ll definitely go the the next #shopmycloset events! 😊💖

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#brewingwithdani • Delicious anaerobic fermentation (96 hours) coffee from Brazil. Roasted in Romania by and handpicked by @thecoffeevine in the May selection box. . Opening the bag – the coffee beans release amazing aromas of dried fruits, rum and smooth chocolate. . Brewed on the V60, this coffee was so delicious! Notes of plums, rum, dark chocolate and an amazingly creamy mouthfeel! . Anaerobic fermentation can sometime go too far and overtake the coffee’s natural characteristics, but in this case I feel it created more complexity and pushed the fruitiness to a different level. Crazy interesting, delicious coffee all around! 🇷🇴 🇧🇷 🍒 ❤️

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Hello 🍷. // their new summer menu is awesome 👏🏾

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The yellow cups & your lenses

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☕😊 Și uite așa ne-am început ziua

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ZF Live. Bogdan Ciocian, Meron Coffee: Dacă în toamnă va mai fi un al doilea val de îmbolnăviri, unele dintre cafenelele noastre nu vor mai fi sustenabile şi va trebui să le închidem

Izbucnirea crizei coronavirusului a prins lanţul de cafenele Meron în plină extindere ♦ În luna mai reţeaua ar fi trebuit să ajungă la un număr de 17 unităţi deschise în principalele oraşe din ţară.

Bogdan Ciocian, fondatorul lanţului de cafenele Meron, spune că în perioada pandemiei de Covid-19 businessul a suferit o scădere de 80% faţă de lunile de dinaintea izbucnirii crizei.


Materialul integral aici. 

9 business-uri din industria ospitalității din Cluj ne spun cum s-au adaptat în această perioadă

Industria ospitalității, o industrie grav afectată de pandemie, ne dă în acest moment un exemplu de reinventare și adaptabilitate. Ușile tuturor localurilor au fost închise de către lupta împotriva virusului și nu le mai putem trece pragul. Business-urile aflate în legătură directă cu acest sector nu își mai pot desfășura activitatea așa cum o făceau ”înainte”. Cu toate acestea, ei au găsit noi metode de a fi aproape de noi și, mai mult decât atât, de a ne ajuta în această perioadă. Noi am povestit cu câțiva dintre ei despre cum s-au adaptat situației date și ce așteptări au pentru viitor.

Cum e cafeaua băută acasă? Fără sens, așa-i? Cafeaua e mai mult decât o simplă băutură, iar locurile unde ne întâlneam să o bem erau adevărate spații de socializare. Dar nici industria cafelei de specialitate nu stă pe loc. Bogdan de la Meron ne-a spus că ei s-au reorganizat atât virtual, cât și fizic, nevoiți fiind să se adapteze și să ducă “cafeneaua” la oaspeții lor. Au făcut acest lucru prin oferirea de cafea boabe și echipamente pentru prepararea ei prin intermediul shop-ului online, livrări rapide la domiciliu, dar și prin pregătirea unor materiale informative video cu recomandările lor în ceea ce privește prepararea cafelei acasă. Nu i-au uitat nici pe cei care își desfășoară activitatea în oraș și au reorganizat câteva dintre locații (Meron Napoca și Meron Roastery) ca să-i poată servi la pachet în continuare, în siguranță și conform reglementărilor actuale. Nu în ultimul rând, au introdus produsele lor pe aplicația de livrare Glovo, pe Foodpanda fiind deja prezenți.

Articolul complet aici. 

Meron Brasov: We Opened a New Coffee Shop

This year was an atypical one for us, but we took all the necessary measures to adapt to the new social context and to be as close as possible to consumers. Thus, we continued the investment in the online store for coffee beans and coffee preparation equipment, developed a strategy for the safe delivery of products at home and prepared the necessary materials to help consumers prepare their specialty coffee at home. Of course we did not ignore the expansion of the brand in the cities planned before the pandemic.

“We depend on each other: from green coffee, service providers, employees, to local producers we work with. Therefore, the next cities that we have in mind for expansion and for which there are already advanced discussions are Sibiu and Timisoara. We want to get as close as possible to our customers, that’s why expansion is one of our priorities”, adds the Cluj entrepreneur Bogdan Ciocian, CEO Meron.”

Meron Brașov: our number 17th coffee shop

Our newest coffee shop is located in the heart of Brașov on the no. 11, George Enescu Square. Make sure you pay us a visit when you’re around. Check the schedule here.

Meron Brașov is designed by FainDesign. This team of specialists from Cluj-Napoca planned a minimalist design, with Nordic influences and many white accents, textures and natural materials. The coffee shop follows the design lines of the entire network and has a welcoming and open look. 



Meron Brașov: Meet #TheTeam

Naomi, boys, welcome to our #PeopleofMeron family! These are some of #ThePeople, managers, barista, Meron specialists, that invested their work and dedication to open #MeronBrasov, our 17th coffee shop.

Meron Brașov: Taste #TheSpecialtyCoffee

The Specialty Coffee we invite you to taste at Meron Brasov has everything a coffee lover would look for. A floral and fruity Ethiopia Ye Genet on espresso for the ones who look for acidity and complex tasting notes. A comfortable Brazilia Terra Branca with tasting notes like almond, muscuvado and chocolate.

Aaand on brew, we’ve prepared you two exquisite experiences, both from Meron Rarities series. A bold and anaerobic Costa Rica San Jose, tasting like cinnamon and red fruits. Of course, we’re saving the best for the end: an anaerobic Caturra variety from Panama Rocky Mountain, mixing rhum with black cherry and jasmine.

Meron Brașov: #TheSoftOpening

We want to thank Brașov locals &  coffee lovers community for the warm welcome. We met with some of the owners and baristas from local coffee shops and it was our pleasure to share our coffees and thoughts. For Meron Brașov we chose a soft opening, a private event – gathering no more than 30 people on Saturday followed by a tasting session on Monday.

In order to expand your coffee culture you have to embrace diversity. So we asked all the local coffee shops to bring their best beans to brew and enjoy it together. Thank you Tekafe & CH9 for joining us, we must repeat this experience next time 🙂

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Hello Meron! 💛 Had a blast tasting some really cool origins today. Thank you @delia.rox @cristioltean13 and the whole team 🤟

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100% Arabica decaf, Kune has a high solubility, which helps us to prepare a coffee with a medium-high body, with clear notes of caramel and chocolate and a touch of dried fruits. The acidity is smooth, almost absent, which makes it ideal for those looking for a sweet decaf cappuccino.

Kune comes from the Esperanto language and it means “together”. Together every day, every morning for the community of coffee lovers. With a roasting recipe tailored specifically to each batch, Kune brings a dash of perfection to every cup of coffee.

Order it online from our shop.

Romanii care au votat, rasplatiti cu cafea din partea casei

Meron deschide o cafenea la Oradea si ajunge la 10 la nivel national

Rețeaua de cafenele Meron a deschis al zecelea coffee shop la nivel național și primul din Oradea în Lotus Mall. Cu o investiție totală de peste 100.000 euro, și face parte din strategia brandului de a deschide două unități în Oradea anul acesta și o a treia în 2020.

Compania țintește deschiderea a 6 noi coffee shop-uri care urmează să fie inaugurate în Timişoara, Sibiu, Bistriţa, Brașov, București până la finalul anului 2019. Pe fondul creșterii numărului de unități, brandul clujean estimează o cifră de afaceri de aproximativ 15 milioane lei.

Articolul integral aici. 

Meron deschide la Oradea si vizeaza inca sase locatii pana la finalul anului

Meron, lanțul clujean de cafenele de specialitate, va deschide primul său coffee shop din Oradea, în urma unei investiții totale de peste 100.000 euro. Noua locație, a 10-a la nivel național, este situată în Lotus Mall, intrarea principală în Atrium, făcând parte din strategia brandului de a deschide două locații în Oradea anul acesta și o a treia în 2020.


Citește articolul integral aici. 

#SummerBites project: Six weeks of chill music, special cocktails & social responsability

We got it, it was a tough summer for all of us. We all missed gathering around with all of our friends, dancing like nobody’s watching and partying ‘till midnight. But this year our business strategies were all about responsibility, flexibility and taking care about us and the dear ones.

With no festivals, no big events, no parties happening this summer  –  we wanted to offer to our community that summer feeling while being responsible.

So we planned six weeks of chill music in open space, social distancing and oh, the fun. 

This is how we developed #SummerBites project at Meron Platinia: Six Fridays in a row we brought you those summer vibes you’re used to alongside DJ Aldaris & Mihai Mărginean. 

18 hours of LIVE Music, 3 special craft drinks, a terrace & a cool atmosphere are some of the summer bites we chose in order to bring you that summer feeling we all deserve. Here are some pictures of how our last 6 weeks looked like:


Looking back, we are grateful for our community. So, guys&gurls, thank you for being part of Meron #SummerBites and for responding so well to our initiative: chill, socially responsible and open minded as usual.

Meron Cismigiu: The building from the so called “Broadway” of Bucharest

Our brand is a balanced mix of coolness and dynamism, but with a pinch of steadiness and appreciation for the little pleasures of life: spending time with your friends, enjoying a good cup of specialty coffee, reading a book that makes you question the world you live in.

Meron has two ways of meeting our people: through their creative & bohemian spirit or their innovative & daring one. So it’s either an old beautiful building where you can feel cozy or in a skyscraper building or a commercial mall where you can pass by to take your coffee or set a business meeting. 

Meron Cișmigiu: a bohemian spot

When we plan on opening a new location, our first thought is to find that bohemian corner of the street that both locals and tourists know about, that building display that makes you wanna stop by and enjoy your presence and ofc… a good cup of coffee. We love all our locations, don’t get us wrong, but Meron Cișmigiu touches a soft spot. So today we want to tell you more about the building and its more known or unknown history.

In the second half of the 19th century, the modernization of Bucharest included, in addition to the construction of monumental buildings, the drawing of boulevards that would offer a wider opening to certain areas. One of them was The Queen Elizabeth Boulevard, about whose history we will guide you through today.

A “Broadway” of Bucharest: Elizabeth Boulevard 

Originally called Belvedere Boulevard, Elisabeta Boulevard was built “at the expressed desire of  Queen Elizabeth (1843-1916) – The first Queen of Romania, to build a more direct path between the Royal Palace and the Cotroceni Palace”.

1880 – The House drew by the mayor Pache Protopopescu

“It must be said that this artery of Bucharest generated history, folklore always adapted, even in more difficult periods, in the last decades of the last century, also in the communist period.”

Meron Cișmigiu on the Queen Elizabeth Boulevard

The house, located on Elisabeta Blvd. (drawn in 1888 during the mayor Pache Protopopescu) corner with Ion Brezoianu and Ioan Zalomit streets was built in 1884-1885 by the Romanian Society of Constructions and Public Works, according to the project of the architect Albert Galleron one of the first buildings built on this boulevard.

The ground floor of the building was intended for companies, in 1890 here was the Typography and Foundry of Letters of Thoma Basilescu (brother of the great professor of law, dean of the Faculty of Law and entrepreneur Nicolae Basilescu), then, in the 20s, Murgășeanu Confectionery.

On the upper floors, there were rooms and apartments for rent (the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși lived here in the first years after 1900). In the early years of the twentieth century, the building housed the German Club (where before the First World War there were projected movie screenings), and in the interwar years the Astoria Hotel. In 1944, the Nissa Hotel (managed by the Zissu Company) operated in this building, and in 1945, the Riviera Hotel. In the years of socialism, on the ground floor of the building was the Cismigiu Confectionery.

Meron Cișmigiu: The home of coffee

And today, it’s what we call the home of coffee at Meron Cișmigiu 💛

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Coffee lover by nature, wine taster by choice. 🍷 📷 @emanuel_ailenei . . . #meron #homeofcoffee #coffeeasyouare #peopleofmeron #specialtycoffee #architecture #meroncismigiu

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old buildings under the morning sun. ☀️☕️ #puddlegram

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The #bucharest celebration of today: our 𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐎𝐍 𝐂𝐈Ș𝐌𝐈𝐆𝐈𝐔 location is 𝐎𝐅𝐅𝐈𝐂𝐈𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐘 𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐃 🖤 And it feels amazing to be back here for you, #peopleofmeron! Find us #home on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard. L-V 7.30-20.00 S-D 9.00-20.00 . . . #meron #homeofcoffee #coffeeasyouare #peopleofmeron #specialtycoffe #bucharest #bucharestcoffee #new #newcoffeeshop #coffeeshop #coffeeshopdesign #bucharestpeople #coffeehome #coffeelovers #almostopen #meroncismigiu

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Cup Of Excellence: What It Is and How It Affects The Specialty Coffee Industry?

Have you ever read about a coffee that was awarded at Cup of Excellence and asked yourself why does that coffee is so special?

The Cup of Excellence (CoE) began in 1999 and is an annual competition held in several countries, hosted by Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the organization that has supported coffee farmers’ education and development for over 20 years. As of 2020, competitions are held in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

The founders of Alliance are George Howel and Susie Spindler, and the whole purpose of the event is to identify the highest quality coffee produced.

Cup of Excellence: How The Competition Works

Farmers from all over the world submit small lots of their best coffee and judges select the top 60 coffees to move on to the next round.

International certified judges have to choose – in series of fair, blind tests –  between 60 coffees and score things like acidity, aftertaste, sweetness, bitterness, aroma or mouthfeel, but also look for defects or inconsistent flavors. For every round of coffee cupping, 10 or 15 coffees are eliminated until only ten remain. The final coffees are cupped again, tasted and scored at least five times – until they decide the winner.

In the course of the competition each coffee is tested at least five times. Only those coffees that get high scores continuously move forward in the competition. The final winners are awarded the Cup of Excellence and sold via an internet auction to the highest bidder.

Once the competition ends, the top 30 coffees are available online for buyers and roasters from around the world, who can bid on the coffees – money return to the farmers, to support their work and their projects.

Cup of Excellence: What’s in for the community?

Cup of Excellence is recognized more and more around the world as a reputable competition that fairly picks the best of the best coffees every year. And the coffee community benefits from it. The recognition that a farmer gets from ranking or winning Cup of Excellence reflects in the quality of the beans and of course, the final price of the coffee. The money that they can win at this kind of competition are used for better equipment, farm improvements, labor training. Moreover, this kind of reward reflects in education, healthcare, life improving services, better quality coffee, the possibility to compete again next year. Can you see the implications? 

We, as roasters, strongly believe that a Cup of Excellence winning coffee is worth the experience. Have you tasted a Cup of Excellence winning coffee?

Photo Credit: Alliance for Coffee Excellence

Meron Faces: The Story Behind

If you entered at least once in our locations, it’s almost impossible to have been missed the main element of Meron’s identity: the Meron faces. You know, that painting from one of the walls, nearby our serving area, cool and imperfect, half latino, half… you chose.

In 2016, Cosmin Todor, the designer that created the first Meron coffee shop in Cluj-Napoca, wanted to give a personal, crafty touch to the space. He wanted an artisanal craft element that can show us as we are: a local brand, that cherishes crafted items – from the cups to the product, to the space itself. 

We bring specialty coffee from all over the world. So why wouldn’t we let all the people enjoy it? No matter the cultural differences, the Home of Coffee has plenty of space for everybody.

Hand painted or cut in metal, you will find the Meron faces in our locations as a brand element that speaks for the beans turned into espresso and for the people that drink it.

Meron Faces: Acceptance & Community

Coffee, and specialty coffee in particular, changes your mood, your performance and not least, it fills our social needs. It gives us common ground. It creates a space for us to share thoughts. It’s a fundamental human need: community. It’s personal and subjective. It depends on your taste, mood and openness to the new.

Acceptance is not longer just a courageous action. It’s the frankness that lets you speak your mind, it’s the empathy with which you embrace yours or someone else’s flaws. It’s normal. It’s our way of showing you that we embrace diversity: from our coffees to our #peopleofmeron. Btw, we cannot tell you how much we miss having you on our locations or meeting you at festivals, that morning buzz, that people-come-people-go hum. All of these make us who we are.

Meron Faces & Locations 


Meron Opera     |     Meron Zalău     |     Meron Târgu Mureș

Meron Platinia    |    Meron Roastery     |     Meron Napoca

Meron Cișmigiu     |     Meron Satu Mare    |    Meron Central

Which Meron Faces do you see more often? Which one is your favourite?

Creative credits: 

Meron Napoca, Roastery, Cișmigiu, Platinia, Central: Marius Fărcaș

Meron Satu-Mare & Târgu Mureș, Zalău: Mădălina Motogna 

Meron Opera: Conrad Altmann

Panama Coffee & Gesha Experience: From Cherry To Cup

If in previous editions we told you about countries that stand out for their high coffee production capacity, such as Brazil or Colombia, today we turn our attention to the country recognized in the world of coffee lovers as a place of extraordinary coffees. In this edition we virtually travel in Panama – the country that produces about 1% of the world’s coffee, but where every farmer focuses on quality.

The history of Panama coffee is short, but full of charm. It is said that the appearance of coffee in Panama is due to European immigrants settled in the region in the 19th century. Specifically, a retired English captain who, in love with a local woman, decides to move to Panama and brings some coffee beans with him. Thus, together with his wife, they gave life to the first coffee farm in the country.

Gesha: the coffee that wins global competitions year after year

Today Panama is recognized as the country with the best climatic conditions in the coffee industry. That is why it is the only region that can successfully grow the famous Gesha coffee variety, one of the most complex Arabica species. Originally from a village in Ethiopia that bears its name, Gesha was brought in 2004 to Panama where the climate is much more favorable. Since then, it has consistently stood out on the cupping tables, as the best and wins coffee competitions every year. Another reason why Gesha is one of the most expensive coffees on the market is the complexity of the tasting notes. A cup of coffee made with Gesha goes from a fruity area to tasting notes like rum, cocoa and chocolate.

From Farm to Meron Roastery: Panama Mi Finquita, Gesha

Panama is known among coffee lovers around the world and we could not stay away from coffee farms in this country. So, our team went on a coffee trip in search of the best coffees in Panama. The first stop was at Finca Hartmann, where we met Ratibor Hartmann and his project Mi Finquita. Mi Finquita or translated, my small farm, brings together small farmers in the city of Los Pozos, Chiriqui region and supports them to produce exceptional microlots of coffee that can be found in the Meron Rarities series. In order to preserve the quality of the coffee as much as possible, we roast it on the day of the order with a light roasting profile.

From Farm to Meron Roastery: Panama Finca Hartman, Caturra

Another amazing coffee we found in Panama is a Caturra variety from Rocky Mountain, experimentally processed. With a rich and well-rounded flavor cup, Panama Finca Hartmann defies the boundaries of the industry and, under the right hands, can win competitions.

#ForTheGeeks: How much does the Panama Gesha experience cost?

Beyond being a product, Panama Gesha is an entire specialty coffee experience. Its quality is proportional to the price, and its quality turned it into the most expensive coffee in the world, with a selling cost of $ 1029 for 1 kg of coffee in 2019.

#AddFeelingsNotSugar – Why should you enjoy your coffee sugar free?

It’s not the first time when you step into our coffee shops and our barista tells you that you should give our coffee a chance without adding sugar. At first, it’s kind of frustrating and you might feel that we don’t care about your taste. In the end, it’s you paying for that coffee. And just because we care, we want you to get what you paid for: an excellent cup of coffee perfectly extracted from the best beans.


Let’s talk about our #AddFeelingsNotSugar recommendation so you can understand where your coffee comes from and why it’s so important to explore specialty coffee more than ever. We are part of the third wave coffee movement, which is considered artisanal food –  just like wine.

This movement called also specialty coffee is led by consumers, farmers, traders, roasters, baristas which appreciate high-quality coffee beans. Our coffee experience it’s enhanced by education and testing, it’s just like a sensory exploration beyond the cup of coffee.

What’s special about this movement? It’s all about the quality of the beans, the unique flavors, the relationship between the farmer and the roasters, the balance between the quality you get, and the fair price you pay.

At Meron, we constantly seek to highlight the individual characteristics from the beans we get from farmers around the world, the processing, the roasting methods, and the variables in beverage preparation. So, let’s see what’s all about, before explaining why it’s better to not add sugar to your coffee. One step at a time…



Every coffee that reaches our roastery is a single origin, single estate, or single farm. Single-origin means that the coffee is sourced from one farm, mill, or co-operative. More than that, you can find on the coffee labels the estate name, the specific lot, or the specific varietal from a specific farm, if it’s a micro or nano lot. One of the most important aspects of single-origin coffee is traceability or the fact that you know exactly where your coffee comes from and also that it’s a specific coffee origin, not a blend. You get to know your coffee better, you will understand a coffee profile and you also know how the environment (the soil it was planted in, the use of organic or not fertilizers, the amount of shade, the elevation, the processing method & more) affected what’s in your cup.

Francisco Morales – Finca La Esperanza


Specialty coffee is the result of rain and sun, a chosen eco-system to grow the best beans  – it’s both science and art, it takes months and it takes hard work. Harvested at full ripe by hand, sorted, processed, and shipped to coffee lovers from around the world. Here, in our roastery from Transylvania, we explore tasting notes, constantly adapt the roasting profile of the beans, and know the whole coffee route from cherries to green beans to coffee-based beverages.


Keep in mind: “For each and every coffee origin that enters in our roastery we develop a roasting profile.”


Our Head Roaster emphasizes the best flavors in those beans. With controlled origin, grown in small batches and with traceability from the first to the last link, we are looking for coffee beans all over the world. Thus, with chocolate, floral, fruity or spicy tasting notes, our customers experience a journey of the senses in countries like Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, and the list is updated from one month to another.


Every barista from Meron grows and develops his skills constantly through training, testing and practice. Our team of trainers makes sure that our people know and understand coffee enough to pass this passion on to our customers. We invest a lot in their knowledge, we organize weekly seminars, cupping sessions, testing, and level exams. And that’s not an easy task. You have to work clean, to be respectful – to you, the coffee and the customer. From a correctly extracted espresso to latte art or an elaborate brew, they know all the methods to make your day better.


“What you receive in a cup is the result of months of training, tasting & sometimes failing. Until he or she succeeds.”


In the end, their job is to serve the customer the best coffee they can – and if you chose to add sugar in that cup, it means that in all the process, from farm to cup, something failed. The clarity of the tasting notes, the flavors, the balance of the coffee cup – are all given by the hard work of all the people involved in the process.


It is true. We are truly geeks when it comes to equipment. We buy only top equipment, from espresso machines to grinders or brew equipment – you will find them in our coffee shops and in our roastery.

Why? In the specialty coffee industry, every chain of the supply aims to bring out the best notes & flavors in the bean. And even if it’s all made with passion, you got to have science and technology on your side. From our Probat 25 (which, btw, we had soon welcomed in our home) to La Marzocco or Victoria Arduino grinders, we work with top equipment and we will keep doing that.



We are more than proud to have contributed to the development of this industry, here and beyond borders. We are grateful that people chose to drink our coffee and they share with us the sensorial experiences that they had when meeting our coffee.

So you, the one that does not add sugar in our coffee, *heads-up*, we thank you! You, the one that adds sugar in the cup, give our coffee a chance and taste it before adding sugar in it. Sugar drowns out some of the delicate notes, it changes the flavor, it affects the quality of the product and it can ruin your experience.
Sugar, cream, caramel and syrups of each kind steal away your experience. It’s not that we do not want to offer you sugar – you can find plenty in our locations – it’s that we encourage you to enjoy the coffee at its best: sugar free.



The coffee lovers that cherish, analyze, judge every cup of coffee and aim to make it better. Each and every time.




From cherry to your cup of coffee: read the story

Coffee is our passion. Coffee is our way of living. For us coffee is like a dear friend we are still discovering every day. If you ever wondered what’s the story behind the cup of coffee you’re enjoying in our coffee shops, it’s time to tell you a story.

From cherry to your cup of coffee, you are about to embark on a journey about a little plant that discovers its way into the world and how it becomes your cup of coffee.

Everything begins with a small piece of nature

Once upon a time, back in the 9th century in Ethiopia there was a little plant that grew quietly without anyone noticing its uniqueness. It was a herd of goats and their shepherd named Kalid, that discovered this unusual plant and its effects. Conquered by the beauty of the bright red cherries growing on it,  Kalid and his goats ate all the fruits and started dancing together. After experiencing the vigor of the plant, the shepherd decided to share his story and this is how that small piece of nature became one of the most popular drinks in the world: coffee.

In an impatient world, a cherry grows patiently

Since then, everything has changed. From the wild plant of yesterday, today’s coffee grows guarded by the love of small farmers whose main activity is taking care of these special plants. Just like the parents raise their kids. 

Grown in select altitudes and climates and nursed for years before the first harvest, excellent specialty coffee takes time. The farmers that create specialty coffee devote their life to continually make quality their highest priority.

Handpicked with kindness, only a cherry like this stands for the true meaning of specialty coffee 

The coffee plant is a fruit tree. When a coffee tree reaches maturity, which can take from 4 – 7 years, it begins to bear fruits in clusters along its branches. Referred to as cherries, the fruits are initially green.  As they ripen, the coffee cherries turn redder and reveal the true beauty of specialty coffee. Only then the cherries are ready to be harvested.

In contrast with the farms producing commodity-grade coffee that will harvest all the cherries at one time, in the specialty coffee market, farmers will only pick the ripe cherries. This will ensure sweeter, more complex flavours in the cup as the sugars will have had longer to develop. The pickers will have to do multiple harvests so they can pick the cherries as they ripen. 

Just when the cherry thinks its mission is complete, a coffee bean is born

Just like a hidden jam, inside every coffee cherry there are actually two coffee beans that await to be discovered. In order to do that, farmers must start processing the coffee cherries. Processing coffee is the act of removing the layers of skin, pulp, mucilage and parchment that surround a coffee bean, the raw ingredient that reaches the coffee roasteries. 

A natural or honey processed coffee requires the coffee cherry around the bean to be flavourful, while washed coffees focus solely on the bean. How to coffee is processed can have a dramatic effect on the resulting cup and nowadays roasters and baristas are concentrating on coffee processing to describe the coffee.

Washed coffees depend almost 100% on the bean having absorbed enough natural sugars and nutrients during its growing cycle. This means the varietal, soil, weather, ripeness, fermentation, washing, and drying are absolutely key. Washed coffees reflect both the science of growing the perfect coffee bean and the fact that farmers are an integral part of crafting the taste of a coffee bean. The washed process leads to bright and acidic flavors in the cup.

The natural process, also known as the dry process, is a back-to-basics approach that stems from Ethiopia. The fruit is left on the bean, and there’s little disruption to the coffee while it dries. After picking the coffee cherries from the coffee trees, they are spread out in thin layers to dry in the sun. Once the cherries are properly dry, the skin and dried fruit flesh are removed mechanically and the green coffee is stored and “rested”.  The natural process adds flavors to the coffee such as fruitiness and sweetness regardless of variety and region.

The honey process is halfway between the washed and natural process. The cherries are mechanically depulped but the depulping machines are set to leave a specific amount of flesh on the beans. After depulping, the beans are dried in the sun. When well done, honey processed coffee has positive attributes from washed and natural coffees: the sweetness of naturals and brightness of washed.

This coffee bean is unrepeatable. We shall protect it. We shall explore it. We shall roast it

At Meron Roastery we know everything about our green coffee beans, even the names of the farmers. Before choosing our green coffees, we see pictures, we hear stories, we taste several coffees in order to choose only the best. 

What else do we know? We know every coffee harvest is unique due to all the factors presented above. Our mission is to highlight each coffee origin through a roasting profile developed to push further our coffee’s beverages.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Your coffee is a journey to be experienced

Specialty coffee refers to an entire process following the journey of the coffee from the coffee cherries to your cup. Our coffee shops are the last stop of this wonderful experience of specialty coffee. But be aware that behind every cup of coffee are the hands of the farmers, the roasters and the barista teams, all united together by the gift of specialty coffee. 

Latte Art Throwdown by Meron: Înscrie-te acum!

Oriunde se adună un grup de barista, se lasă cu vărsare de lapte. Din latieră. În cană. Sub forme care numai prin imaginația și skill-urile unui barista prind viață. Nouă nu ne rămâne decât să-i aducem împreună și să ne bucurăm de spectacol printr-un Latte Art Throwdown a la Meron.

De aceea, pe 28 noiembrie strângem cei mai cool barista din Transilvania la Meron Roastery într-o competiție de Latte Art. Latte Art Throwdown by Meron! Punem la bătaie 600 de euro în bani pentru câștigător și premii pentru locurile 2 și 3, într-o competiție deschisă tuturor profesioniștilor și iubitorilor de cafea. 

Alături de noi, susțin acest eveniment ca sponsori principali Bar Shaker, când căutăm unelte pentru bar, știm la cine să apelăm. De asemenea, le mulțumim tuturor partenerilor noștri:

Latte Art Throwdown by Meron: Înregistrarea competitorilor

Înregistrearea se face pe baza completării formularului iar participarea se face pe baza taxei de participare de 35 de lei care se achită online aici.

Pentru a putea participa, competitorii trebuie să aibă experiență în prepararea unui espresso și în folosirea echipamentului. De asemenea, competitorii trebuie să aibă experiență și în prepararea băuturilor cu lapte pe bază de espresso.

Latte Art Throwdown by Meron: Regulament

Echipele trebuie constituite din perechi a câte două persoane, astfel încât, pentru a putea face parte din competiție trebuie să existe un număr par de participanți. Vor fi 32 de participanți în total. Dacă numărul înscrișilor depășește 32, atunci se vor desfășura runde preliminare.

Pentru a forma echipele, numele competitorilor va fi tras la sorți la începutul competiției, iar câștigătorii fiecărei echipe vor concura între ei până când se va alege câștigătorul final.La începutul fiecărei runde, participanți află ce model de latte art vor  realiza prin invârtirea roții cu modele. Ea conține 12 modele prestabilite și un model freestyle.

Ceștile în care se va turna vor fi de 200 ml (flat white) iar fiecărei turnări îi sunt alocate 3 minute.

Participanții pot folosi latierele proprii. Organizatorul va pune la dispoziția participanților latiere în cazul în care aceștia nu au o latieră.

Runda 1

 Runda 2

Runda 3



Latte Art Throwdown by Meron: Regulament

  1. În momentul în care își va auzi numărul strigat, concurentul trebuie să se pregătească pentru a începe competiția.
  2. Concurenții vor avea 3 minute în total la espressor. Nu este neapărată folosirea celor 3 minute în totalitate.
  3. Concurenții nu trebuie să își extragă shoturile de espresso, acestea vor fi extrase pentru ei.
  4. Fiecare competitor va primi o latieră și o singură șansă pentru a face crema de lapte.
  5. Separarea laptelui este permisă.
  6. Concurenții nu pot să-și aducă propria cafea sau lapte, acestea sunt asigurate de către organizator.
  7. Latte art-ul trebuie să fie freepour. Este interzisă folosirea instrumentelor ajutătoare.
  8. Din momentul în care băuturile au fost turnate, acestea vor fi plasate lângă modelul dat pentru a fi judecate.

Latte Art Throwdown by Meron: Jurizarea

Băuturile vor fi jurizate în funcție de următoarele criterii:

Liniile de divizare sunt curate, uniforme și nu prezintă semne de ezitare.

Elementele individuale se completează unele pe celelalte și creează o armonie împreună.

Contrastul dintre albul cremei și culoarea închisă a cremei.

Intenția design-ului este clară și evidentă.

Ceașca este umplută într-un mod plăcut și adecvat.

Design-ul nu este înghesuit în ceașcă și nu lasă senzația de gol sau neterminat.

Există o armonie între mărimea ceștii și mărimea design-lui.

Farmecul estetic general.

Băutura nu conține urme de scurgere și ceașca este plină de lichid.

Vor fi trei arbitri. După ce cele două căni de cafea se vor afla pe masa juraților, se va număra până la 3, iar cei trei arbitri vor indica cu degetul cana câștigătoare.

Ne vedem curand!