A guide through the best coffee shops in Salzburg. Spoiler alert: you can win one

This campaign has ended aaaand we have a winner. Alissia Hîrlea is the one to enjoy her trip in Salzburg and we cannot wait for her to share the experience with us. We hope you will explore all the streets, all the beautiful buildings in the city and most of all, the coffee scene. Congrats! 



Travelling is in our DNA so you better believe that after one year and a half of staying in, we are ready to experience the diversity of new places again. This time, we are thinking about a city with impressive baroque architecture, a delicate harmony between culture and nature, and some amazing specialty coffee points. Salzburg, here we come. Here are some of the main reasons to choose Salzburg for your weekend getaway and the best coffee shops to visit in Salzburg if you are a specialty coffee lover. 

Salzburg: The city

Salzburg, which was used as the backdrop for the famous film “The Sound of Music”, is a little gem in the heart of Europe, a picturesque town on the northern border of the Alps, close to crystal clear lakes with drinking water and the majestic mountain world for ski lovers.

In the evening you can enjoy a dinner in the oldest restaurant in Central Europe, where to the sound of the most beautiful Mozart’s works you will enjoy dishes prepared according to original recipes from the time of the great composer himself.

Salzburg: The coffee shops

There is no secret that wherever we go, we look for the best coffee experiences we could get and Salzburg does not make an exception to the rule. So here are our top picks for all the coffee enthusiasts out there who are spending some time in the city.

First, there is the all-time favorite Kaffee-Alchemie, a small coffee house where you can find single origins from Central America and Africa roasted by Wild Kaffe Rösterei and Gardelli Speciality Coffees and find any kind of coffee machines and coffee tools for home. It’s the perfect place to have an espresso on a chilly day and the company of John, the owner of Kaffee-Alchemie just completes the mood perfectly. He is a coffee enthusiast from Norway, with more than 15 years within Speciality Coffee, International Cup of Excellence Judge, and an experienced barista trainer. Follow his journey with specialty coffee here

Our second stop would be at 220GRAD, a family business with three locations. Their goal is to create an atmosphere on-site that affects their guests and customers positively so that they can take the good vibes in their everyday lives after leaving the shop. The warmth of the staff and the great variety of single-origin coffee will definitely make you fall in love with the place. Here you can find some great latte art and aesthetic coffee snapshots.

Last but not least, while wandering around the city’s aesthetic small streets, if you pass by Rostzimmer15, a small but hipsterish coffee place, don’t hesitate to walk in. They have their own small roastery inside so just follow the smell of freshly roasted coffee and you won’t miss it. Röstzimmer 15 does not only offer amazing coffee and fresh pastries but it is easy to get lost in selecting between the different products offered on the shelves as well. For example, you can buy different teas, special chocolates, honey, poppy seed oil, coffee spice, coffee to-go cups, and many others. Check out their journey here.

If you are planning a trip to Salzburg, don’t forget to save this post for later and enjoy a coffee trip while in the city of Mozart.

Win a trip to Salzburg

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