Food, then Coffee: Meron Coffee at Street Food Festival Cluj-Napoca

People of Meron from Cluj-Napoca, this week, between 10th and 13th of  October, our coffee takes over the street. The Street Food Festival, of course, because coffee and food go hand in hand.

As the Fall Season brings with it cooler weather, falling leaves and sweaters, for this edition of Street Food Festival we welcome you with some comfort warm seasonal drinks. Nothing is quite as comforting as being all warm and bundled up inside with a nice cup of specialty coffee, specialty hot chocolate or specialty tea. And just to spoil you a little bit more, we also got some honey & cinnamon milk, the perfect thing for your sweet tooth.

Grab your favorite dish in one hand, then a Meron coffee in your other hand and conquer the Street Food Festival!

See you in Central Park, between 10th and 13th of  October!

Meron: Official Coffee Sponsor of Romanian Aeropress Championship 2019

Exciting news everyone! We are the Official Coffee Sponsor of Romanian Aeropress Championship held within Slow Coffee Festival in Bucharest. El Salvador Los Cotuzos, freshly roasted in Transylvania at our one and only Meron Roastery from Cluj-Napoca, is this year’s Romanian Aeropress Championship Official Coffee.

Specially chosen for the competition, the beans were carefully selected by a trader who shares our
passion for specialty coffee and works with farmers who closely monitor and control the growing, harvesting and processing stages of the coffee beans.

Meron Official Coffee: Magically Roasted

Our Head Roaster & Barista Delia Avram took it from there and worked her magic on the entire roasting process.
Through medium to light roasting, we strived to preserve the natural flavour of the coffee beans, so you can experience the taste of a particular coffee.

Right now, the coffee is on its way to the festival. We can’t wait to see how every Aeropress Championship Competitor will highlight its qualities,  reveal its tasting notes and let it shine through the chosen recipe!

Meet us: 28th of September at Mezanin!

See you on the 28th of September at Mezanin for Slow Coffee Festival & Romanian Aeropress Championship! Traveling from Cluj-Napoca, we will be there with our freshly roasted in Transylvania specialty coffee, good vibes and activities to make you enjoy the moment.

Don’t forget to follow Meron Home Of Coffee and Meron Roastery on Instagram! This way you can see how we get ready for the festival and live updates on the day of the event!