Meron Roastery: A new coffee experience, same home

At Meron Roastery we have a new home in our old home. Same adress, but new concept. Same us, but a new bar. Same specialty coffee, but more origins to experience.

Over the past month we’ve worked on a new design & coffee concept for our roastery. Why? Our roastery is the place where we start developing the experience behind every coffee we’ve sourced from all-over the world. It’s not just a roastery, but a coffee lab, a space for coffee experiments & people development. And we’ve felt like it needed a bigger & better space in order to exclusively showcase our most exquisite coffee origins. 

What’s new?

The Brew Bar

The Brew Bar is the major change that defines the new concept. The menu of this brew bar is a very complex one, currated by our Head of Coffee Sourcing. It has a selection with over 10 coffee origins sourced from a diversity of countries & continent, with various processing methods from classic to experimental ones. The even better part: most of them are part of Meron Rarities origins and are available to be tried exclusively here at Meron Roastery. 

The Minimalist Design

Less is more was our mindest for this space. Less focus on decor ornaments, more focus on the coffee experiences. We thought of a minimalist design with Nordic inspiration and white accents, because we wanted the focus to be on the coffees we showcased. We have a much larger space than before, with 4 large windows that let natural light in and beautifies the atmosphere.

We also kept a room dedicated exclusively to the cupping area, just to highlight how important that part is in the coffee development process.

Opening Day with Agnieszka Rojewska

To celebrate our new space & concept of Meron Roastery & Coffee Lab Agnieszka Rojewska, not only World Barista Champion in 2018, but also the first female to become World Barista Champion, is our special guest and takes over our new bar at Meron Roastery on Wednesday, 24.11.2021, between 8 AM – 11 AM.

Also, she joins the local community for a Coffee Industry Meetup at Meron Roastery on the same say, between 6 and 7 PM. We have only 20 places available. Participation is free of charge but it’s mandatory to register first. Click here to register.

Come and enjoy the new Meron Roastery coffee experience in the same place: Cluj-Napoca, Horea Street no. 5, Monday – Friday between 7 AM – 4 PM.

Clujlife Awards 2019: Meron Most Appreciated Coffee Shop in Cluj

Emotions floaded us Saturday morning when we won, for the third year in a row, the prize for the most appreciated coffee shop in Cluj-Napoca, offered by ClujLife.

We are so happy to have you, the most awesome coffee community in Cluj-Napoca, #peopleofmeron, around us.

Thank you for your support and for the love you share for specialty coffee!

?And bonus: a pic with Bogdan sleeping on the stage.
Thanks Vizi ◘ Komiti for the shots!