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Meron Roastery: A new coffee experience, same home

At Meron Roastery we have a new home in our old home. Same adress, but new concept. Same us, but a new bar. Same specialty coffee, but more origins to experience.

Over the past month we’ve worked on a new design & coffee concept for our roastery. Why? Our roastery is the place where we start developing the experience behind every coffee we’ve sourced from all-over the world. It’s not just a roastery, but a coffee lab, a space for coffee experiments & people development. And we’ve felt like it needed a bigger & better space in order to exclusively showcase our most exquisite coffee origins. 

What’s new?

The Brew Bar

The Brew Bar is the major change that defines the new concept. The menu of this brew bar is a very complex one, currated by our Head of Coffee Sourcing. It has a selection with over 10 coffee origins sourced from a diversity of countries & continent, with various processing methods from classic to experimental ones. The even better part: most of them are part of Meron Rarities origins and are available to be tried exclusively here at Meron Roastery. 

The Minimalist Design

Less is more was our mindest for this space. Less focus on decor ornaments, more focus on the coffee experiences. We thought of a minimalist design with Nordic inspiration and white accents, because we wanted the focus to be on the coffees we showcased. We have a much larger space than before, with 4 large windows that let natural light in and beautifies the atmosphere.

We also kept a room dedicated exclusively to the cupping area, just to highlight how important that part is in the coffee development process.

Opening Day with Agnieszka Rojewska

To celebrate our new space & concept of Meron Roastery & Coffee Lab Agnieszka Rojewska, not only World Barista Champion in 2018, but also the first female to become World Barista Champion, is our special guest and takes over our new bar at Meron Roastery on Wednesday, 24.11.2021, between 8 AM – 11 AM.

Also, she joins the local community for a Coffee Industry Meetup at Meron Roastery on the same say, between 6 and 7 PM. We have only 20 places available. Participation is free of charge but it’s mandatory to register first. Click here to register.

Come and enjoy the new Meron Roastery coffee experience in the same place: Cluj-Napoca, Horea Street no. 5, Monday – Friday between 7 AM – 4 PM.

Coffee for the Community: Our way to get involved in causes we believe

Beyond being a product or offering a service, we are a business that understands the importance of well-being and support for the community. We are grateful to say that over the years we have grown a beautiful community around our specialty coffee. Being part of this engaging community gave us a sense of belonging. It enabled us to support perpetual growth of our people and our environment.

Coffee is our passion, while the community inspires us. With this thought in mind, we developed a a recurring series of projects under the name of Coffee For the Community. This is our way to  get involved in causes we believe.

Here are the causes we are supporting:

A MagicHelp for the parents

MagicHELP is an initiative that aims to offer support to the parents caring for children with cancer. Through a mobile application, the families are matched with the businesses that can provide them help through services and products. In our case, specialty coffee. As partners of MagicHelp we give parents a moment of relaxation when they can enjoy a coffee-based drink in our coffee shops Meron Napoca and Meron Central.

Coffee for a Good Cause

Coffee for a Good Cause is our own way to give back to the community through a recurring fundraising in one of our locations. Concretely, all the money raised in one day from coffee-based drinks are donated to a cause supported by us.

We started this project back in December 2019. Our first cause was Magda Săvuică’s project Dragoste desculță that aims to offer food, clothing and basic products for children from Negresti village, Vaslui county.

The pilot edition was so successful among the people in our community, that we decided to repeat this experience to support an initiative of Rotaract Cluj. In March this year, we’ve organized another edition of Coffee for a Good Cause and all the money were used to buy Nellcor Sp02 sensor cables for the Neonatology department of Dominic Stanca Clinic, Cluj-Napoca.

For the 3rd edition, that took place on May 17th we supported Terapie prin artă by Create.Act.Enjoy. They initiate art therapy projects with hospital patients: outdoor concerts, arranging green spaces, comedy shows, creative workshops for therapeutic purposes, psychologist-assisted socialization for single patients.

Their purpose during this period? To raise 30% of the total project budget from individual donors who want to support art therapy in hospitals.


Blood donation is important. Volunteer blood donors are connecting lives and sharing life through it. To encourage blood donation we partnered up with BlooDoChallenge, an app that promotes blood donation by offering points, from 30 to 50, when you donate blood. For every 30 points in this app, you are offered 15% discount in our coffee shops in Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Satu-Mare and Zalău.


Businesses are made by people, with people and for the people. So, beyond being a product or offering a service, we are a business that understands the importance of well-being, caregiving and support offered to the community. We get involved in causes we believe in and we say yes to projects that make this world a little better. 

9 business-uri din industria ospitalității din Cluj ne spun cum s-au adaptat în această perioadă

Industria ospitalității, o industrie grav afectată de pandemie, ne dă în acest moment un exemplu de reinventare și adaptabilitate. Ușile tuturor localurilor au fost închise de către lupta împotriva virusului și nu le mai putem trece pragul. Business-urile aflate în legătură directă cu acest sector nu își mai pot desfășura activitatea așa cum o făceau ”înainte”. Cu toate acestea, ei au găsit noi metode de a fi aproape de noi și, mai mult decât atât, de a ne ajuta în această perioadă. Noi am povestit cu câțiva dintre ei despre cum s-au adaptat situației date și ce așteptări au pentru viitor.

Cum e cafeaua băută acasă? Fără sens, așa-i? Cafeaua e mai mult decât o simplă băutură, iar locurile unde ne întâlneam să o bem erau adevărate spații de socializare. Dar nici industria cafelei de specialitate nu stă pe loc. Bogdan de la Meron ne-a spus că ei s-au reorganizat atât virtual, cât și fizic, nevoiți fiind să se adapteze și să ducă “cafeneaua” la oaspeții lor. Au făcut acest lucru prin oferirea de cafea boabe și echipamente pentru prepararea ei prin intermediul shop-ului online, livrări rapide la domiciliu, dar și prin pregătirea unor materiale informative video cu recomandările lor în ceea ce privește prepararea cafelei acasă. Nu i-au uitat nici pe cei care își desfășoară activitatea în oraș și au reorganizat câteva dintre locații (Meron Napoca și Meron Roastery) ca să-i poată servi la pachet în continuare, în siguranță și conform reglementărilor actuale. Nu în ultimul rând, au introdus produsele lor pe aplicația de livrare Glovo, pe Foodpanda fiind deja prezenți.

Articolul complet aici. 

Meron Opera, A New Approach: How it’s made?

Meron Opera – the new concept, from empty walls to the coolest atmosphere


Last week we launched a new location in Cluj-Napoca, in a spot well-known for its eclectic audience and coffee lovers: Meron Opera. Besides developing an excellent product, our focus includes also design. Design is a key element for us because we like to complete your coffee experience with a clean space, wide street windows, nice industrial touches, premium furniture and elements that you can recognize in every Meron location.

We had a new approach for this location and we think it would be great to have you backstage, to see how we plan and implement our concept from A to Z, together with our designer, Deea Bălgărădean, FAIN DESIGN Studio who was willing to share more with you.

‘We created a clean, minimalist concept to highlight the real star: the product’

This Meron is more than a cool spot to enjoy your coffee, it’s a showroom revealing the evolution of this specialty coffee brand through the years. Light shades of materials such as terrazzo, ash wood, concrete were used to keep the atmosphere neutral, while ribbed panels, craft walls, burnt metal sheet and leather seating were used to add texture and detail to the space.

Our design must highlight the fact that we are a local brand: we don’t do things widely industrialized, we like to roast our own coffee right here in Transylvania, we give a personal touch to every new location. 

“The craft element of the brand is highlighted by the finishes we chose to use, all effects used on the walls and floors are handmade. Also the metal sheet is burnt handmade, piece by piece. This burnt metal sheet has become a trademark for Meron, so we chose to use it for the main element of Meron’s identity : the faces.”


This location is situated in the National Theatre area, so we decided that this time the faces won’t be just painted, they’ll get their own personality. We used the burnt metal sheet to laser cut real masks and we placed them in front of a window, so that the natural light will pass through the cuts. This way, the mood in the back area of the coffee shop changes through the day, according to the reality outside.

How it’s made: From empty walls to the fresh smell of coffee




Spot the details: 

So, if you haven’t done already, pay us a visit and tell us what you think about our new #HomeOfCoffee. Be ready to enjoy a complete specialty coffee experience to go (for now): We got freshly roasted and carefully prepared coffee, non-coffee drinks, pastry & sweets and, last but not least, a team ready to welcome you with a smile under their masks. We took all of the necessary precautions to serve you safely. See you soon!