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#SummerBites project: Six weeks of chill music, special cocktails & social responsability


We got it, it was a tough summer for all of us. We all missed gathering around with all of our friends, dancing like nobody’s watching and partying ‘till midnight. But this year our business strategies were all about responsibility, flexibility and taking care about us and the dear ones.

With no festivals, no big events, no parties happening this summer  –  we wanted to offer to our community that summer feeling while being responsible.

So we planned six weeks of chill music in open space, social distancing and oh, the fun. 

This is how we developed #SummerBites project at Meron Platinia: Six Fridays in a row we brought you those summer vibes you’re used to alongside DJ Aldaris & Mihai Mărginean. 

18 hours of LIVE Music, 3 special craft drinks, a terrace & a cool atmosphere are some of the summer bites we chose in order to bring you that summer feeling we all deserve. Here are some pictures of how our last 6 weeks looked like:


Looking back, we are grateful for our community. So, guys&gurls, thank you for being part of Meron #SummerBites and for responding so well to our initiative: chill, socially responsible and open minded as usual.

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