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“Stalpi Impuscati”, Liviu Mocan


Liviu Mocan, born in 1955, is the sculptor who incorporates divine energy and creates windows for people towards eternity.

In the Shot Pillars, you can get to know yourself better through the history and pain of the Romanian people. Thirty-four years ago, in the heart of Cluj, we fought against the Communist and Atheist Regime. Thirty-four years ago years ago we fought for a free and dignified life.

The death of the Romanian soldiers symbolizes the love for the entire life of the people. The sacrifice flowed with the blood of the victims on the central streets of Cluj.

Twenty years ago, the sculpture The Shot Pillars was selected in a competition organized by the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca to immortalize the events of the Revolution. The artwork commemorates the demonstrators who were shot there in December 1989, during protests against the Ceaușescu regime.

Curated by Crina Ciocian, this exhibition is open for visitation from December 15th to January 14th at Meron Horea, no. 5.

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