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Sibiu, you are more than meets the eye! #MeronSibiu


Sibiu, you are truly more than meets the eye! 

Our 21st location found its home in the heart of Sibiu, among many artisans and creative souls. While wandering the streets of Piața Mare, we found a community like no other. People who lend a helping hand to each other and support their journeys. They embraced our presence there since the very first day and quickly made us feel like one of them.

Among some wonderful views while enjoying your coffee, our location from Arhivelor 2A Street has much more to offer. Peculiar origins, out of this world in-house pastry and a brunch menu.. oh, simply amazing. 

Whether you want to start your day with a pistachio cookie, a flavourful salad or a delicious toast, the next important step is the coffee pairing, obviously! Today, our location is waiting for you with some extraordinary origins on grinder, for espresso and filter as well. Starting with Ethiopia Bule Hora (jasmine, apricot, hazelnut, wine) & Ethiopia Kenisa (jasmine, plums, mango, lemon zest) on espresso. On filter, Ethiopia Daye Bensa (white flowers, melon, green apple, honey) & Columbia Llamadas (eucalyptus, figs, dark cherry, tropical fruits, chocolate truffles), from our Rarities collection.

Andreea, Ioana and Răzvan are in charge of your coffee moments, setting the mood everyday behind the bar, Alina and Yaroslav are the masterminds behind every brunch dish. Izabella takes care of delicious pastry, carefully baked to put a smile on our customer’s faces. 

                                                        We can’t wait to meet you all. From farm to cup, in the heart of Sibiu!

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