Roasting now: Brazilia Vargem Alegre, 91 SCA points



Sítio Vargem Alegre is located in the region of Serra da Mantiqueira, at an altitude between 1200 to 1380 meters. With mountainous topography, annual rainfall average of 1,600 mm and average temperature of 17º C, it has a differentiated climate and lands propitious to the production of Specialty Coffee.
Cleverson Daniel da Silva inherited the land from his father Sebastião Daniel da Silva. He comes from a family of coffee growers, as also his brother Eduardo Daniel da Silva owns a coffee farm (Sítio Tarumã). Cleverson is a Q-Grader, and his coffees are always among the highest rated and under the top ten of the region’s competitions like Cup of Excellence (BSCA) getting 2nd, 3rd or 4th place with Sítio Vargem Alegre, always over 90 points for natural processed coffees. The Da Silva family members dedicate themselves to the cultivation of coffee in a sustainable way, always trying to work in harmony with the environment. The Sítio has reserves for the preservation of the native forest, which houses large plant species and several wild animals. It is usually observed in the area species like Wolf Guara, Monkeys, Jacu, Hawk among others.

Coffee processing system:

The harvest is selective, performed when the fruits are very mature, being performed manually on the cloth, avoiding the contact of the grains with the soil. On the same day it is harvested, the coffee is placed in sacks and transported to the on-site processing center. Then, the coffee is washed, in this process also the separation of the Cherries occurs, it is dried in a cement courtyard (Terreiros) if necessary, it is passed to the dryer in the final stage of drying to reach the ideal humidity. After drying, the coffee is taken to the wooden bins for a period of at least 40 days to rest.


Mr. Da Silva believes that with the help of his brother Eduardo and his family he’ll be able to improve the quality of his coffees, acquire more land and produce different varieties of coffees. He also plans to experiment with new types of fermentation and this way enhance the flavours of his coffees which are already great quality naturals. “For me it’s very important to have partners in Europe because this way our work and our passion will be appreciated by many people.  Thank you for enjoying our coffees and rest assured that we work every day harder and harder to produce better quality coffee.”