In the name of better specialty coffee we opened Meron Roastery. A treat for coffee lovers, an experience for the roasters, an opportunity to grab a bag of unique coffee. Discover the freshly roasted beans by Meron Roastery.

We roast for our own coffeeshops. We roast for businesses that appreciate a fine specialty coffee in their own location. We roast for the #peopleofMeron who want to feel the Meron experience at home.

Now roasting

From the unroasted green bean to your cup of coffee

Because the picking can make the difference between a low-value commodity coffee and one destined for higher prices and more demanding markets, we choose our coffee beans directly from the farm. Our passion for specialty coffee is shared with farmers who closely monitor and control the growing, harvesting and processing stages of the coffee beans. So, the story of Meron coffee starts with green beans sourced directly from the farmers.

From all over the world, we chose to enrich the taste of Meron coffee with many variations from different regions: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica and many others.

Working with high performance equipment

It is no longer a secret, at Meron quality is essential to offer our people the best experience we can give. In order to do that, we equipped ourselves with the best gear in the industry. At the moment, we are working with Probat, the market leader on the roasting side. As a plus, each batch of coffee goes through a quality control process. We do this by following parameters such as: density, humidity and final colour.

A great cup of coffee takes also great coffee shop equipment. Meron concept grows making smart coffee equipment decisions. With a selection of professional gears, we serve coffee that satisfies our customers’ wants and needs.

Meron Roasting Style

We chose our roasting style in order to highlight the particularities of each coffee origin. Because of this, we are in a medium towards light area.

Our belief is that there is no specific recipe in roasting coffee. Our knowledge taught us why. Our experience taught us how. Our dedication teaches us daily that passion for good coffee is what truly brings people together.

Our team, always up to date with the latest trends

Meron team always knows what is hot (besides our roastery machine) and what is not. Our people continuously study the industry of coffee, taste brand new flavors everyday and experience new techniques. Last year we participated at the Intermediate Roasting Course at London School of Coffee with Morten Münchow.

Let’s connect!

Come and visit us at Meron Roastery. We will welcome you with a cup of freshly roasted coffee, we are happy to take you on a tour and talk about your coffee projects.