Press Policy


Dear Journalist/ Partner/ Content Creator,

Specialty coffee is still young in Romania. It has a lot of distinctive terminologies, techniques, and slang.

So for the last 5 years, we made a priority from educating the coffee customer – to communicate it according to its value. Our mission is to promote the specialty coffee industry. We roast coffee. We drink coffee. We learn coffee. We share coffee.

Our passion for specialty coffee is shared with farmers who closely monitor and control the growing, harvesting, and processing stages of the coffee beans. The quality delivered is very important. This is also reflected in the way we communicate. It would be a shame if we disrespect the industry and all the hardworking people behind the coffee chain.

If you are writing an article about us, we are flattered and we will answer kindly to all your questions regarding our product, business or numbers. But please keep in mind: It is important to send it over before publishing it, so our marketing team approves its keywords. You can send an official request to with all the details of the article in order to keep our marketing team posts it and they will come with the answers ASAP.

The same procedure applies if you want to interview one of our barista colleagues from any location.

Keep in touch,

Meron Team