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People Of Meron: Dorin answering Espress(o) Questions


Meet the amazing #peopleofmeron, the ones that fill our cups with both coffee and good vibes through Espress(o) Questions. An express interview with our #peopleofmeron behind the bar, that you can read just as fast as it takes to extract an espresso. Dorin is just one of these passionate guys that could talk about coffee all day long. You can find him at #MeronCismigiu.

1. Age:

2. How long have you been in the specialty coffee industry?

I have been in the specialty coffee industry for 2 years and 8 months

3. 3 attributes that describe you as a human being:

Sugar, spice and everything nice.

4. 3 attributes that describe you as a barista

Professional, friendly and passionate.
5. Top 3 favorite verbs that talk about you

To ask, to think, to act.
6. The natural talent you are gifted with is:

When no one is around, I can turn into an XLR8.

7. I would love to learn to …

I would love to learn how to roast coffee, it’s on my list.

8. What is the nicest compliment you have received as a barista?

“Yeah, you’re right, I really don’t need to add sugar in my coffee.”

9. Espresso or Pour Over

Pour Over
10. What is non-negotiable when it comes to brewing coffee?

Cold milk next to espresso. We don’t do that here.
11. Funniest request from a guest was…

Cafe bonbon? If that’s a thing…

12. When you’re not a barista, you are…

Client in other coffee shops and my cat’s best friend.

13. What would you like people to understand better about what it means to be a barista?

There’s a lot of work, passion and knowledge behind every cup of coffee.

14. When and where are you the happiest?

When I’m surrounded by good coffee and nice people.