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People of Meron: Cristi from Meron Cismigiu answering Espress(o) Questions


Meet Cristian from Meron Cișmigiu, he’s the one behind the seahorse latte arts you keep seeing in our photos. Today he is answering our Espress(o) Questions, this express interview with our People of Meron behind the bar, that you can read just as fast as it takes to extract an espresso. Enjoy!

1. Age:23

2. How long have you been in the specialty coffee industry? 2 years and 1 month.

3. 3 attributes that describe you as a human being:
empathic, sociable, determined

4. 3 attributes that describe you as a barista: disciplined, kind, careful down to the smallest detail

5. Top 3 favorite verbs that talk about you: to help, to learn, to implement

6. I am very good at: besides brewing coffee, I am very good at breaking cups, wiping windows, and managing unexpected situations.

7. The natural talent you are gifted with is: I make people smile. 

8. I would love to learn to: fly planes

9. What is the nicest compliment you have received as a barista?
„I also like the coffee.” ?

10. Espresso or Pour Over: No need to choose just one, I like them both.

11. What is non-negotiable when it comes to brewing coffee?
Don’t ask for espresso with cold milk, long espresso or strong coffee.  

12. Funniest request from a guest was…
„A cappuccino with milk, please!”?

13. When you’re not a barista, you are…
Just a man, who goes through time, making mistakes every day and learning.

14. What would you like people to understand better about what it means to be a barista?
We’re not coffee machines. We’re passionate people learning about coffee every day in order to offer the best experience to our coffee lovers guests.

15. When and where are you the happiest?
Anywhere and anytime, it’s all about the mindset.