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“Panza vietii”, Cristina Marian


Marian Ana Cristina, Ph.D. in Fine and Decorative Arts from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, has been expressing her thoughts through paintings for the past 25 years. Her passion for art traces its roots back to ancient tales, where the authenticity of life could be felt in every brushstroke.

The idea behind the exhibition that will be displayed originated from the need to highlight the beauty of Romanian culture in a current, contemporary manner – a showcase intended to draw the attention of young people to forgotten cultural values.

”For a while now, it must be about five years, the idea of unraveling the ball, of the thread unwinding from it, linear, constant, irreversible, has taken root in my mind. The idea of the irreversible flow of time. Back then, the image of the indispensable ball of twine from our grandparents’ households, used on various occasions, emerged in my mind, as part of cherished memories, mainly defined as carefree moments from childhood. Unintentionally, I revisited significant things and events that define who I am today. This world of the Romanian village had values, unwritten rules, beautiful customs; it was full of spirituality. Fragments of the canvas of life appeared before me!

The thread of life flows in its natural direction, with some stumbles; it depends on us to slow its pace, to pause for a moment, to try to understand, to give it meaning.

The story of these works is about a return, a reconsideration of the past, of what was valuable – the story of a world under archaic signs, of rare beauty, forgotten, swallowed by ruthless modernity. I feel the silence, the white of days, the forgetfulness that settles around us, unexplored spaces, uninhabited houses, unused objects, forgotten customs that sift like dust through a sieve and settle on the canvas of my life.” – Cristina Marian

The exhibition is open for visitation from February 5th to March 4th at Meron Gallery,  Horea, no. 5.