Panama Geisha | One of the rarest coffee varieties @ Meron Napoca


For the most avid coffee lovers in Cluj-Napoca, our Home of coffee, Meron Napoca, hosted this weekend a limited edition of Panama Geisha, available for brewing.

Grown in Panama, Chiriqui region, at 1575 meters altitude, one of the rares coffee varieties in the world was carefully handpicked and natural drying processed by Auromar Farm. It’s blackberry, violet and lavender flavour notes have been enhanced by roasting in Italy, at Bugan Coffee Lab.

With a 96 points cupping score, Panama Geisha is one of the greatest coffees one could have the opportunity to find in Cluj-Napoca.

We usually don’t make promises if we can’t keep them, but for those who didn’t catch the opportunity to enjoy it, we’ll probably make you a surprise, sooner than you expect.