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Panama Coffee & Gesha Experience: From Cherry To Cup


If in previous editions we told you about countries that stand out for their high coffee production capacity, such as Brazil or Colombia, today we turn our attention to the country recognized in the world of coffee lovers as a place of extraordinary coffees. In this edition we virtually travel in Panama – the country that produces about 1% of the world’s coffee, but where every farmer focuses on quality.

The history of Panama coffee is short, but full of charm. It is said that the appearance of coffee in Panama is due to European immigrants settled in the region in the 19th century. Specifically, a retired English captain who, in love with a local woman, decides to move to Panama and brings some coffee beans with him. Thus, together with his wife, they gave life to the first coffee farm in the country.

Gesha: the coffee that wins global competitions year after year

Today Panama is recognized as the country with the best climatic conditions in the coffee industry. That is why it is the only region that can successfully grow the famous Gesha coffee variety, one of the most complex Arabica species. Originally from a village in Ethiopia that bears its name, Gesha was brought in 2004 to Panama where the climate is much more favorable. Since then, it has consistently stood out on the cupping tables, as the best and wins coffee competitions every year. Another reason why Gesha is one of the most expensive coffees on the market is the complexity of the tasting notes. A cup of coffee made with Gesha goes from a fruity area to tasting notes like rum, cocoa and chocolate.

From Farm to Meron Roastery: Panama Mi Finquita, Gesha

Panama is known among coffee lovers around the world and we could not stay away from coffee farms in this country. So, our team went on a coffee trip in search of the best coffees in Panama. The first stop was at Finca Hartmann, where we met Ratibor Hartmann and his project Mi Finquita. Mi Finquita or translated, my small farm, brings together small farmers in the city of Los Pozos, Chiriqui region and supports them to produce exceptional microlots of coffee that can be found in the Meron Rarities series. In order to preserve the quality of the coffee as much as possible, we roast it on the day of the order with a light roasting profile.

From Farm to Meron Roastery: Panama Finca Hartman, Caturra

Another amazing coffee we found in Panama is a Caturra variety from Rocky Mountain, experimentally processed. With a rich and well-rounded flavor cup, Panama Finca Hartmann defies the boundaries of the industry and, under the right hands, can win competitions.

#ForTheGeeks: How much does the Panama Gesha experience cost?

Beyond being a product, Panama Gesha is an entire specialty coffee experience. Its quality is proportional to the price, and its quality turned it into the most expensive coffee in the world, with a selling cost of $ 1029 for 1 kg of coffee in 2019.