Our Story

Coffee as you are

Everything starts with today.
This minute.
This second.

Let’s enjoy this sip of coffee and look around to find the beauty in our surroundings.


Our concept starts from the Greek word “Meron”, which means “days”. This is why we want to give you the boost for a great and amazing day: amazing tasting notes, delightful company, and a quick reminder that life is about NOW, about THIS MOMENT. The coffee culture is a belief that we guide daily, and for this, we pay more attention to the methods of coffee preparation (espresso and brew), but also to the latest trends in equipment and accessories that are so necessary for a passionate barista.

On a mission to cherish and share specialty coffee

Our mission is to promote the specialty coffee industry. We roast coffee. We drink coffee. We learn coffee. We share coffee. Our passion for specialty coffee is shared with farmers who closely monitor and control the growing, harvesting, and processing stages of the coffee beans.

The quality delivered is very important. The picking process can make the difference between a low-value commodity coffee and one destined for higher prices and more demanding markets. That is why we choose our coffee beans directly from the farm.

A specialty coffee journey

We change the coffee origins at least once a month, with long-sought varieties and obtained from various family farms and traditionally in communities dedicated to coffee plantations. You can feel the joy (and the coffee smell), every single time a new origin comes into our roastery. We’re not serving you only a certain type of coffee. Through our always-changing origins, we’re taking you on a coffee journey. From all over the world, we chose to enrich the taste of Meron coffee with many variations from different regions: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and many others.

Freshly roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery

We opened Meron Roastery in the name of better specialty coffee. Our roastery is a treat for coffee lovers, an experience for the roasters, an opportunity to grab a bag of unique coffee. Discover the freshly roasted in Transylvania beans. We roast for our own coffee shops. We roast for businesses that appreciate a fine specialty coffee in their own location. We roast for the #peopleofMeron who want to feel the Meron experience at home.

Because communication is likely to become more superficial as technology advances, Meron aims to be the place where people find balance and willingness. Our concept starts from the word “meron” which has roots in Greek and means days. We wanted to create a place where people would receive their energy dose for the whole day.  – Bogdan Ciocian, CEO Meron

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Meron products, but we are eager to hear your curiosities regarding coffee culture at


Our Decameron

The idea behind our business is to capture the present moment and the one thing that should be the greatest joy to people. The joy of being. That’s why we have 10 core-commandments, which encompass our values and by which we guide ourselves in our activity:


  1. Commit to total commitment

    Total commitment in what we do; always trying to deliver the best services at the highest standards.

  2. Deserve trust

    The relationship with the customers is built progressively, through honesty and professional work.

  3. Never pull back on service

    Whatever the circumstances, we maintain at a high level the standards we are known for.

  4. Continuous improvement

    We learn and develop every day, becoming better and deeper involved in our work.

  5. Involve customers

    We will warmly share our story to the curious customers who wish to find more about Meron, bringing them along in the world of coffee.

  6. Celebrate loyalty

    We wish to thank our customers for their loyalty.

  7. Look through the eyes of the other

    At least once a month, we become our own customers and we put the Meron experience through a test, seeing ourselves what can be improved.

  8. Where there’s a will, there’s a way

    We answer our customers with a positive and good willing attitude, we always find the best solutions by which our clients will always be satisfied.

  9. Stand for your local

    We support the local communities of artists and entrepreneurs; we try to integrate into our activities the specific cultural products of the surrounding area.

  10. Create „magic” & enjoy

    The appreciation of each Meron moment is found in the friendly atmosphere we create.

To sip a coffee means enjoying the present moment.
It means allowing your senses to speak,
to say here I am,
now, I exist.

The People Behind

Our amazing team

The people behind your coffee

This part is about the outstanding, dedicated people that make things possible, who proudly stand for the quality of our services, enjoy interacting with you and, above all, love their job.

Our baristas are the heart of every Meron coffee shop. They are the ones that greet you in the morning. The ones that can recommend you a drink which is perfect to your taste. The ones that serve you an entire specialty coffee experience.

Behind every barista there are weeks of training, a lot of practice and endless love for coffee. From the farmer that hand-picks the coffee cherries to the barista, in the chain of specialty coffee there is an entire team of passionate people that work together in order to give you an amazing beverage.

Brought together by passion for specialty coffee

We believe passion for specialty coffee truly brings people together. And this year, our team grew bigger with some awesome roasters. They are the ones who carefully control the entire roasting profile of the coffee beans.The ones we also have to thank for our heavenly sent coffee beverage. And the ones who highlight the unique qualities of each batch of coffee using their knowledge, experience and dedication.

Together, we invite you in our coffee shops to meet the truest side of us. We are passionate people. Passionate about beans and coffees.

Join our team