Now Roasting: Ethiopia Dambi Udo


Coffee from Ethiopia is known for its bright fruited and floral flavors. Ethiopia Dambi Udos has a higher acidity, light to medium body and complex flavor notes.

With a 88 SCA Points, Ethiopia Dambi Udo is a special lot that we freshly roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery. Find it in one of our Meron coffee shops or buy it online from our shop in packages weighing 250 g or 1 kg. Take a look at the coffee profile.

Ethiopia Dambi Udo

SCA score: 88
Processing Method: Natural Dried
Farm: Dambi Udo
Region: Shakiso, Guji
Altitude: 1800 Р2100 Meters
Coffee Variety: Heirloom
Tasting notes: blueberry, strawberry jam, floral