Meron’s Untold story


Untold, the festival we have been waiting for all year long, finally summoned the music lovers from around the world for half a week of full-time partying. ”The capital of night and magic” won its entitlement during the sleepless nights with fantastic international DJs, youth, beautiful setting and wacky activities. From dusk ’till dawn, people seemed to never get tired and became absorbed by the overwhelming atmosphere.

To give people #peopleofmeron a chill-out zone where they could relax and recharge their batteries, we established a Yellow Corner near our coffee stand.

There was hard work included, but everything compensated with the nice time we had working together as a team, and doing what we know best: deliver our customers one amazing experience! And please observe our beautiful espresso machine by Astoria Think Espresso (foto bellow).

See you next year, party people!