MERON @ Untold Festival


We started the most amazing feeling this summer will bring in Cluj-Napoca, THE WORLD CAPITAL OF NIGHT AND MAGIC, Untold Festival!

Even if most of you think that the espresso machine and the steamer are our favorite soundtracks, we love music almost as much as we love coffee and latte art. That’s why we will wake you up every day at Untold Festival.

We might sound cliché, but coffee and stories go hand in hand. The main reason why we are ready to keep you awake and energized on these four days of feelings, amazing music and awesome summer festival vibes.

Four days and four nights (almost as in fairy tales) we will wake you up in every festival late morning with one espresso or cappuccino, we will cool you down in the middle of the day with an amazing lemonade and we will keep you awake until the sun will rise and shine over a cold brew.

Our excitement just took another lever and we are overly to meet you and to party with you again!

NEWS: We proudly announce our partnership with Astoria Think Espresso for UNTOLD, as a promise for the finest quality and dedication to the specialty coffee industry.

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