Meron @ Street Food Festival


Yes, you guessed it right! We are so awesome that we can be in two different places in the same time!

So, between July 5 and July 8, we’ll meet all the coffee and food lovers in Cluj-Napoca at Street Food Festival.

Yup, obviously, we are going to devour all the dishes from all the vendors in the Central Park, but we’ll also keep your energy up, so you will be able to be the real gourmand you want to. Maybe you didn’t know that, but coffee is our superpower when we feel full and want to try that delicious cake after a tasty burger.

(Probably) The best specialty coffee in town, the most refreshing lemonades, the most amazing cold brews, and the coolest barista team with the coolest groovy summer vibes will keep your powers up, so you’ll be able to try all them goodies from sweet to sour and salty around Cluj Arena.

Can’t wait to see you there! Stay hungry!