Meron Rarities: Panama Maragogype


Meron Rarities brings together extraordinary nano or micro lots, flawless processing methods and exquisite coffees that we tested until we reached perfection in the cup. All Meron Rarities origins are roast on demand, this way you can experience 90+ SCA Points coffees roasted in small batches especially for you.

Panama Maragogype comes from Finca Hartmann. Finca Hartmann was founded by Ratibor Hartmann in 1940 and became world famous mostly due to the sustainable farming practices and biodiversity. All coffee is grown in the shade of native trees and plantains that also serve as habitat for numerous bird species. The farm consists of several smaller farms, all located between 1.300 and 2.000 m above sea level.

Today the farm is run by four siblings. Coffee for them is a way of life, their culture, their family – a lot of work, but also a lot of love, passion and dedication, resulting in a consistent, high quality of their coffees.

Panama Maragogype is depulped and washed, fermented in water for about 12 hours, rinsed and then dried for 10-12 days on African beds and finished in mechanical dryers.

Meron Rarities: Panama Maragogype

Enjoy this washed processed Panama Maragogype from Finca Hartmann with a flavorful cup profile tasting like: red oranges, nectarines, honey, white tea, winey mouthfeel.

Freshly roasted single origin specialty coffee roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery, take a look at the Panama Maragogype cup profile:

Country of origin: Panama

Farm: Finca Hartmann

Region: Santa Clara

Varieties: Maragogype

Elevation: 1350 m

Proc. Method: Natural dry

Tasting notes: red oranges, nectarines, honey, white tea, winey mouthfeel

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