Now Roasting Meron Rarities: Panama Finca Hartmann


Panama Finca Hartmann coffee defies the boundaries of the industry, a Caturra variety from Panama, experimentally processed. With a rich and well rounded flavour cup, Panama Finca Hartmann is a coffee that wins competitions under the right hands.

Now this single origin specialty coffee is part of our Meron Rarities series, a special selection of exquisite rare coffees over 90 SCA points available for you to take them home from our shop, starting December, 5.

Here is the flavour cup of this anerobic processed Caturra variety from Panama, Rocky Mountain farm, Santa Clara region:

SCA score: 92
Processing Method: Anaerobic fermentation, experimental
Farm: Finca Hartmann, Rocky Mountain
Region: Santa Clara
Altitude: 1900 Meters
Coffee Variety: Caturra
Tasting notes: floral, black cherries, rum, jasmine, tropical fruits