Meron Rarities: Brazil Daterra Aramosa


Meron Rarities brings together extraordinary nano or micro lots, flawless processing methods and exquisite coffees that we tested until we reached perfection in the cup. All Meron Rarities origins are roast on demand, this way you can experience 90+ SCA Points coffees roasted in small batches especially for you.

Brazil Aramosa comes from Daterra Estate, one of the world-famous farms in Brazil. Their most amazing small lots of coffee are found in the Daterra Masterpiece series. Daterra farm works as a lab, where they test new ways of producing coffee. The lab is rich with new and unusual varieties, processing methods, drying techniques and limitless experiments.

Each coffee has an unique cup profile and scores 88+, is fully traceable, planted and grown with history and can never be replicated. The Aramosa variety is one of Daterra’s innovations. It’s a crossbreed between Arabica and Racemosa, an heirloom Coffee species.

The Aramosa cherries are fermented in an aerobic fermentation tank, as an experimental variation of the anaerobic fermentation techniques. Daterra’s unique (and flawless) processing method is known only to those from the farm. But, what we know for sure is that this experimental process highlights the floral character and creates tasting notes like mango, honeydew & pears with hints of rosé wine.

Meron Rarities: Brazil Daterra Aramosa Cup Profile

Enjoy this uniquely processed Brazil Aramosa from Daterra Masterpiece.  Roasted in Transylvania at Meron Roastery, take a look at the cup profile:

Country of origin: Brazil

Farm: Boa Vista – Daterra

Varieties: Maragogype

Elevation: 1550 m

Proc. Method: Natural aerobic fermentation dried on raised beds, finished on stainless steel drum drier

Tasting notes: rose wine, jasmine, chamomile, mango, honeydew, pears, cloves, citrus zest

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