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Meron Opera, A New Approach: How it’s made?


Meron Opera – the new concept, from empty walls to the coolest atmosphere


Last week we launched a new location in Cluj-Napoca, in a spot well-known for its eclectic audience and coffee lovers: Meron Opera. Besides developing an excellent product, our focus includes also design. Design is a key element for us because we like to complete your coffee experience with a clean space, wide street windows, nice industrial touches, premium furniture and elements that you can recognize in every Meron location.

We had a new approach for this location and we think it would be great to have you backstage, to see how we plan and implement our concept from A to Z, together with our designer, Deea Bălgărădean, FAIN DESIGN Studio who was willing to share more with you.

‘We created a clean, minimalist concept to highlight the real star: the product’

This Meron is more than a cool spot to enjoy your coffee, it’s a showroom revealing the evolution of this specialty coffee brand through the years. Light shades of materials such as terrazzo, ash wood, concrete were used to keep the atmosphere neutral, while ribbed panels, craft walls, burnt metal sheet and leather seating were used to add texture and detail to the space.

Our design must highlight the fact that we are a local brand: we don’t do things widely industrialized, we like to roast our own coffee right here in Transylvania, we give a personal touch to every new location. 

“The craft element of the brand is highlighted by the finishes we chose to use, all effects used on the walls and floors are handmade. Also the metal sheet is burnt handmade, piece by piece. This burnt metal sheet has become a trademark for Meron, so we chose to use it for the main element of Meron’s identity : the faces.”


This location is situated in the National Theatre area, so we decided that this time the faces won’t be just painted, they’ll get their own personality. We used the burnt metal sheet to laser cut real masks and we placed them in front of a window, so that the natural light will pass through the cuts. This way, the mood in the back area of the coffee shop changes through the day, according to the reality outside.

How it’s made: From empty walls to the fresh smell of coffee




Spot the details: 

So, if you haven’t done already, pay us a visit and tell us what you think about our new #HomeOfCoffee. Be ready to enjoy a complete specialty coffee experience to go (for now): We got freshly roasted and carefully prepared coffee, non-coffee drinks, pastry & sweets and, last but not least, a team ready to welcome you with a smile under their masks. We took all of the necessary precautions to serve you safely. See you soon!