Meron Opening @Bucharest


Our coffee connects Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest!

Popping champagne bottles, clinching glasses, happy and nicely dressed people (and of course, coffee) – those were the things to hear and see on 11th October night on Calea Victoriei 155, where our new ”home of coffee” residence was opened.

One of our major ambitions ever since Meron’s birth was to expand our franchise chain to Bucharest. After less then a year from our start, our dream was now coming true. The capital is an environment with people that identify themselves with our brand values, a cosmopolit audience, with refined tastes that fancies quality coffee.

We threw an opening party, in the company of friends, associates, press and joyful coffee-loving clients. Everybody was carried away by outstanding sound effects mixture, as DJ Ramon enchanted us with a shaky cocktail of disco, funk, jazz, and bossa nova, which kept people awake late into the night.

So, dear Bucharest friends, our coffee shop is now open to the public and will provide you the daily dose of equilibrium and goodwill to start your day.

Come and enjoy our coffee!