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MERON on CoolList Romania


You know us, and you know that we don’t EVER add sugar in our coffee. But, that doesn’t mean we can not add sugar or spice up the things a little bit, especially when we get really excited.

We are on CoolList, and this is really cool! Yes, on the coolest list of the coolest Romanian brands, written and published by Cristian Manafu on and on coollist.

CoolList is a project where Cristian Manafu searches, discovers and shares daily one Romanian brand which caught his attention, even if he interacted with the brand, or just found it cool on Social Media.

You all know us, and you know that we always hunt all the awesome things, no matter if they’re online or offline. And so, we found this project, we loved it, and we wanted to be on it! And here we are.

Really proud of us!