Meron Gallery Artist Guide

Welcome to Meron Gallery, a space dedicated to authentic and innovative art.

We’re excited about the prospect of collaborating with talented artists to bring art closer to the public. To a better understanding of the exhibition process within our gallery, please refer to our guide.

About us

Meron Gallery aims to bridge the gap between art and the public, making art accessible to a wider audience. Located in the heart of the city, our gallery provides a welcoming and inclusive space for all, catering to locals and tourists alike who are curious about and interested in art.

Our vision is to create an environment where various art forms, from traditional to contemporary, can coexist harmoniously. We strive to be a cultural hub that fosters creativity, sparks dialogue, and enriches the community through artistic expression.

Accepted Art Categories

We welcome artists from all artistic disciplines, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, contemporary abstract installations, digital art, and new media. Our focus is on talent and quality, without imposing restrictions based on artistic style.

Selection Criteria

Each submission is carefully evaluated based on criteria such as the quality and emotional resonance of the works, the originality of the artistic style, and previous exhibition experience. Artists are invited to submit a small portfolio and details about themselves and their artistic style via email at The selection process might take up to 20 days after submitting the request.

Exhibition Duration

Each artist/exhibition will enjoy a display period of 20 to 35 days, determined based on the nature of the exhibition, the artist’s preferences, and availability.

If you’re interested in being featured at Meron Gallery, please write to us at We look forward to exploring the possibilities of showcasing your work.