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The world of craft beer, alike the world of coffee is based on experience and experiences, talent and a lot of passion. There are no strict recipes, they are constantly improved on brewer’s taste. There are no rules which can not be violated, no constraints, only a really well defined equilibrium. All these details take to such an uncertain, but perfectly crafted, in the same time, beer.

The charm and the personality of beer overlaps with the brewer’s character, but he always lefts room for a twist. The twist which invariably brings something new, something different.

After we first met Kutuma’s brewer, Norbert, we fall in love with what he is doing, so we taught we could make a nice passions co-branding together. And we created Meron Cascara Beer. A crazy fruity wheat, carefully infused with cascara for a subtle taste, brewed locally with passion for all the specialty coffee and craft beer lovers in town.

Many thanks to our friends from Kutuma who showed us what brewing a beer really means, how much passion and dedication, (and a little bit of craziness) you need to invest while crafting something so special.

The beer will be available at Beer Craft Festival between 13-15 July, and starting from 16 of July in the next Meron locations: Meron Napoca, Meron Central, Meron Platinia.

Come and taste the new summer vibes!