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Le Paris Café Festival 2024


For one weekend, the world of coffee united under one roof in Paris, at Carreau du Temple. From 9 to 11 march 2024 Le Paris Café Festival united  a genuine community that honours the coffee culture.

In three days, connections were forged, conversations flowed, and prospects bloomed. We couldn’t keep all of this to ourselves, so we wanted to share the experience with you.

Can you see how excited we were to be there? Specialty coffee enthusiasts were everywhere and from everywhere, curious and eager to learn everything about the coffee selections we prepared for them:


Coffee Origins:

1. Luis Carlos Gutierez

Among the tasting notes, you can find violets, plums, passion fruit, dark cherries.


2. Ethiopia Gargari Gutity

The notes of Gargari Gutity coffee are a delightful dance of winey and tropical fruit flavors, providing a sensory journey through the Ethiopian terroir.


3. Ethiopia Duwancho

Tasting notes: Cherry blossom, Honeysuckle, Apricots, Maple syrup


4. Columbia Jairo Arcila Peach

It has a sweet and refined taste with notes of sweet peaches, floral, lime, white chocolate.


5. Columbia Jairo Arcila Strawberry

It has a sweet and refined taste with notes of sweet strawberry, cherry, pomegranate, guava


6. Colombia El Placer Wush Wush

This coffee is of the Wush Wush variety, and the processing method is extended fermentation. The tasting notes include: melon, tropical fruits, lemon candy, lemongrass and magnolia.


7. Colombia El Placer Pink Bourbon

This coffee is Pink Bourbon variety, and the processing method is extended anaerobic fermentation. As tasting notes, you can find white flowers, mango, pineapple, apricot jam, candy.


8. Brazilia Fazenda Guariroba

To fully enjoy this coffee, filter brewing is recommended to bring out all its unique layers and nuances. Tasting Notes: lemongrass, lemon candy, aromatic herbs, eucalyptus.


9. Columbia Inmaculada

Geisha is considered a variety that produces a very aromatic and floral profile, and demand for it has increased in recent years. Tasting notes: raspberry, orange blossom, rose-tea, violets, cranberry raisins, panela.


Although we wish every festival could last as long as possible (maybe even never end), those three days have been intense. We cherished the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with our visitors, sharing stories and laughter.


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