Kalita calling


Calling for all the coffee lovers!


Great news for our community, especially for those who enjoy a cup of brew coffee. Starting with this season, we added a new brew method in our menu, Kalita Wave.

What makes Kalita different from other brewing methods?

First of all, the flat-base coffee bed geometry allows the extraction to be more stable than any other filter. Put together with the wave shape and the three holes at the bottom, makes brewing a perfect cup accessible and easy.

However, Kalita Wave is not just a typical, standard dripper. It is carefully designed so that the coffee dwells longer in the water, and that reveals the full-bodied, deep complexity of the coffee. Furthermore, it is said that the coffee brewed with Kalita shows more complexity when it starts to cool down.

What not everybody knows, is that Kalita is one of the extraction method used at Word Brewers Cup.  So, why not sit comfortably in your favourite Meron spot and enjoy the coffee origin you like the most, perfectly extracted in one Kalita. 

Find it in all Meron coffee shops and infuse the moment with your favourite origins.