Introduction into the World of Specialty Coffee


This workshop includes an illustrated story part (a journey from the coffee farm to the specialty coffee shop or the consumer’s cup) and a practical part – a guided cupping protocol through which 4-5 coffee origins are analyzed, pleasing us with a sensory experience.


The workshop includes a theoretical part, in which we will learn:

– introductory knowledge about coffee: countries of origin, trips to coffee farms, coffee varieties;

– the difference between specialty coffee and commodity coffee;

– analyzing and scoring a coffee, protocol and basic rules;

– the preparation of a cupping and the analysis of a coffee, guided.


A practical part where we will learn:

– guided cupping protocol.


A part about making coffee at home:

– the label of the coffee bag;

– the correct way to prepare coffee at home depending on the available equipment.


At the end there will be a Q&A section.


The workshop is held by Crina Ciocian, co-founder and business development manager Meron.


Crina entered the world of specialty coffee 7 years ago with the opening of the first Meron coffee shop. Her passion for specialty coffee came while visiting the coffee farms in the countries of origin where she learned everything related to the cultivation and processing of coffee, while participating in profile events outside the country and especially while practicing at the Meron Roastery.

Except when she travels, she starts her mornings in the laboratory inside Meron Roastery where she tests, analyzes or tastes coffee origins from all over the world.


Workshop duration: 3 hours

Maximum number of workshop participants: 5

Participation fee: 90 euros/person.


The fee includes:

– presence in the workshop;

– all necessary equipment and accessories;

– a coffee box (3 bags with 3 different coffee origins).


If you are curious about a unique sensory experience, we are waiting your email!

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