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International Coffee Day: Coffee trip at our neighbours


Dear coffee lover,

Please let us start with a fact: coffee is a way of living. It’s a mindset that applies to travelers, to communities, to people that respect their habits and appreciate the little things in life.

It all started with this post. We encouraged you to take a moment to explore the specialty coffee scene in Cluj-Napoca. 

For us, having coffee trips from time to time is a regular thing: even if it’s in our city or abroad. But not everyone knows what it means or what do you seek when having this kind of experience. So we said, why not take people with us to see for themselves?

On October 1st aka international coffee day and we wanted to celebrated coffee as we know best: tasting & exploring it, developing new tastes and embracing new or preloved origins.

So, we planned the whole thing, we involved the creative team, our trainers, our colleagues from Cluj-Napoca and our neighbours that understand coffee as we do.

We created an itinerary that gathered 10 coffee shops from Cluj-Napoca, we packed our backpacks with cameras and curiosity and off we’ve gone! 

Coffee Trip: What have we tested?

We’ve tested a very nice Colombia with clear notes of berries and a complex, flowery Ethiopia –  both washed, from the new comer in town: Emozia. We loved it!

The guys from Il Caffé were very welcoming and they prepared us an espresso with a red catuai variety from Costa Rica: washed, with brown sugar notes and low acidity.

Somehow, the star of this autumn is a preloved origin: Ethiopia Ye Genet from Meron Roastery, mixed Heirloom variety, natural dried. We love complex and floral coffees – on both espresso or brew.

Another favorite was a cup from Yume, a gorgeous Honduras, with plum and rum notes – we tested it on espresso, but we will come back to enjoy it on brew. Promise!

A very pleasant surprise was Nano. Our first time there, we met Bin and his passion for coffee. He prepared to us black and white coffees with Ethiopia and Honduras. But beyond the sensorial experience, we love to see people that are passionate about coffee, that understand coffee and aim to develop this industry. Bin, the pleasure is ours!

At the end of the day, if this journey of us made you wanna include in your trips one or two coffee shops and give the coffee a chance and drink it without sugar, our mission is done there. It’s important to keep in mind that what you receive in your cup involves more people than you ever imagined: from people that pick the cherries by hand to farmers, roasters and baristas.


The Meron team behind the camera 

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