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In Search of Connection by Claudiu Bruj


The exhibition is open for visiting from June 4th to July 9th at Meron Gallery, Horea, no. 5.

The exhibition is a narrative of the artist’s journey through self-discovery. It is a testament to the therapeutic power of art and a reminder that, through creativity, we can transform our solitary introspections into meaningful dialogues with the world. The exhibition serves as a reminder that, although our journeys are individual, our experiences are universal. Claudiu Bruj invites us to discover this truth through his lens, transforming each viewer into an active participant in the emotional dialogue he proposes.

Claudiu Bruj’s subjects were not just random strangers; they were mirrors reflecting different facets of his own humanity. Each photograph captures fragments of the artist’s story, his fights, and his hopes. The streets became his studio, and every corner an opportunity for discovery. The resulting images are not mere visual captures, but complex narratives waiting to be discovered.

This exhibition explores deep and authentic emotions – joy, sorrow, resilience, and vulnerability. Each photograph is an open window to the human soul, reflecting a wide range of experiences and feelings. Claudiu Bruj invites us to see beyond the surface, to connect with the emotions and stories behind each image.

Claudiu Bruj (b.1985) lives and works in Cluj-Napoca/RO. Originaly from Bistrița-Năsăud county, Claudiu follows a professional and artistic path that creates interdisciplinary juxtaposition between visual arts, architecture and urbanism. Having an in exteso research of the environment and structures that merge the human with the urban, he now aims to bring through experimental photography an affective palette in the ever-changing dynamics of the urban environment.

  1. Madonna
  2. Marele roșu
  3. Pasager
  4. Prada/ă
  5. Sunet surd
  6. David e Goliat
  7. La divina
  8. commedia
  9. Cu tine însuți
  10. Între lumi
  11. Portal
  12. La graniță
  13. Spre sud
  14. Îngeri căzuți
  15. Aproape-s departe
  16. Te aștept acasă
  17. Mira Tv


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