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“In full bloom against odds”, Sandra Mitrea



Sandra Mitrea is an accomplished artist from Cluj, whose creative path has been shaped by a dedication to crafting meaningful narratives through various artistic mediums. Graduating from the University of the Arts London with a degree in Fashion Imaging and Illustration, Sandra has cultivated a diverse skill set that encompasses both traditional and digital techniques.

Her artistic repertoire is characterized by a seamless fusion of analogue and digital media, blending elements of painting, drawing, and collage with photography and digital tools such as 3D software and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. This interdisciplinary approach allows Sandra to explore a rich tapestry of visual storytelling, creating works that are both visually captivating and conceptually profound.

Central to Sandra’s artistic practice is a commitment to addressing themes that resonate deeply with her, particularly those related to women’s health and personal narratives. Through her art, she seeks to spark conversations, evoke emotions, and shed light on the complexities of the human experience.

Sandra Mitrea’s work serves as a testament to the transformative power of art in expressing
and exploring the nuances of contemporary life. With each piece, she invites viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery, inviting them to engage with her narratives in a deeply personal and meaningful way.


The exhibition is open for visiting from April 9th to May 2nd at Meron Gallery,  Horea, no. 5.

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