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Hola Panamá! #origintrip


This year’s origin adventure began in Panama, with a visit to Ninety Plus Gesha Estates farm, a place where the magic of coffee cultivation intertwines with the rich history of Ethiopia. Nestled on the slopes of the majestic Barú volcano, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates is a testament to the dedication and passion of its founders. Here, amidst the emerald canopy of the forest, heirloom Ethiopian coffee varieties thrive, their flavors nurtured by the volcanic soil and cool mountain air. 

The journey continued to Janson Coffee, a farm with which we have been collaborating for several years. Our team was welcomed by Kai and Jannette Janson. During this visit, the team participated in a cupping session with Gesha Natural and Gesha Washed coffees, toured the warehouse where the coffee is processed, and engaged in endless talks about coffee.


For the first time at Savage Coffees, our team was guided by Jamison, one of the industry’s perfectionists. Perhaps his experience in finance in the USA has influenced Jamison’s obsession with improvement and attention to detail, something that many other farmers overlook. Always striving to find the best batches of coffee for roasters worldwide, our team recently had the opportunity to conduct a cupping session with the new batches of natural and washed Gesha. Despite the batches being still fresh, they couldn’t help but notice their remarkable sweetness and balance.


Auromar, the next stop in our team’s origin trip, stands as a testament to Roberto’s dedication to excellence. Renowned globally and honored with multiple Best of Panama awards, Auromar is synonymous with exceptional coffee. Their Gesha varieties, in particular, are celebrated for their exceptional flavor profiles. Behind Auromar is Roberto Brenes, with a distinguished career as the Former Manager of the Stock Exchange in Panama. The journey culminated in a captivating cupping session featuring their natural Gesha, washed Gesha, Pacamara, and Catuai varieties – a sensory experience that left a lasting impression.


Abu Coffee may be one of the smallest farms in Boquete (approx. 17 hectares), but the microclimate, terroir, and altitude of Canas Verde help it develop some of the best batches of coffee in Panama, mostly Gesha and Catuai. This year marks the third time that Meron has collaborated with Jose, and starting in April, three of the batches tasted on this trip will be available on our list of coffees.


Mount Totumas is a hidden treasure renowned for its exquisite natural beauty and exceptional coffee. In 2023, it claimed the prestigious top spot in the natural Gesha category at the Best of Panama competition, a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of its founders. Our journey with Mount Totumas started in 2019 during our first visit to Panama. Our team had the privilege of collaborating closely with Karin, who is in charge of coffee processing, and Jeffrey, the farm owner.


After touring the Lamastus Family Estates and learning about their coffee processing methods, our team had a cupping session. They were captivated by two lots, which they have already ordered for all our Meron Specialty Coffee Shops. Wilford is a symbol of innovation and tradition in Panama’s coffee industry, with his entire family deeply involved in the coffee business. Last year, Lamastus’s Elida Geisha Torre Washed secured 2nd place in the Best of Panama competition.


Having wandered through „tierras de Panamá” and explored the inner workings of Altieri’s coffee processing methods before, we find ourselves drawn back once more. This time, however, our team’s mission was different. With great anticipation, they have selected a special lot to introduce to all our Meron Specialty Coffee Shops for the very first time. Guided by Roger, the farm manager renowned in the industry, our team was drawn to their exceptional Gesha lots.


Our’s team last stop in Panama was at Gran del Val, a coffee farm already in the fourth generation, with over 100 years of history. Originally rooted in the financial sector, Ricardo Fernandez felt a deep calling to return to the family’s agricultural roots. Recognized and certified by prestigious organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance, N.Y., and Hiro Coffee Japan, their dedication to environmental protection and quality craftsmanship sets them apart in the industry.


Soon enough we’ll add our selections from this origin trip to our collection, so make sure you follow us and be the first who grabs them. 

Until that time comes, continue to delve into new origins and savor exceptional coffee!