GUATEMALA AYARZA: Specialty Coffee Roasted at Meron



Explore the tasting notes of a single origin specialty coffee sourced from Colombia freshly roasted in our coffee lab, at Meron Roastery. Here is some cool info about the coffee and the farm.



Laguna de Ayarza (Lake Ayarza) is a crater lake in the Santa Rosa department of Guatemala. It is known locally as Laguna Azul (Blue Lake). Lake Ayarza was formed around 20,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. The lake has a surface area of 14km² and is located at 1,400masl. 

According to local legend, the true nature of the lake is far more mysterious. Some say it is connected to ocean, the actual depth is unknown and that an expedition to find the bottom ended in tragic failure. We do know Lake Ayarza is in a remote location and access is difficult. This means it has remained in pristine condition with only around 10 houses built around its edge



Every coffee has a story. Those processed at Ayarza are no different. The season begins in November when they mill commercial-grade (hard bean) cherries that have been transported from lower altitudes. In late December the SHB EP standard quality starts to arrive from the farms near the mill. Shortly after they’ve welcomed the new year, the farmers bring the first few lots of Blue Ayarza. Between January and April, they use various processes to produce specialty coffee or standard washed coffee, depending on the quality of the cherries.



Following a process borrowed from wine production, the cherries spend 40 hours fermenting anaerobically. Then they are sun-dried on the patio for between one and two weeks.  


Take a look at the cup profile:

Country of origin: Guatemala

Farm: Various smallholders


Proc. Method: Carbonic Maceration

Region: Ayarza, Santa Rosa

Varieties: Catuai, Anacafe 14, Pache, Bourbon, San Ramon

Tasting notes: raspberry, figs jam, chocolate wine, caramel