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“Fata docila a lu` mama”, Ioana Olahut


Ioana Olăhuț’s art oscillates between painting, scenography and installation, provoking the intimate coexistence of elements from diametrically opposed worlds, creating new conceptual, emotional and aesthetic spaces.
Relevant to the contemporary dimension of the concept of metamorphosis, her works are visual reflections on the fragile boundary between the natural and the artificial, on biological, psychological or social transgressions and rites of passage, on experiences that annihilate or hasten evolution, revealing a world of existential mutations.
Since her student years, her works have been included in exhibitions and collections definitory for the contemporary artistic phenomenon.
Ioana Olăhuț is the head of the University of Art and Design Painting Department and co-author of the digital platform dedicated to contemporary art
Curated by Crina Ciocian, this exhibition is open for visitation from October 20th to November 8th at Meron Horea, no. 5.