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#FallWinterSpecials, our way of embracing the cold season



… is our way of giving you a free journey through time and space. We wanted to let you feel emotions you are longing for, to travel around the world without leaving your city, to recreate moments you didn`t even know you were missing. Juices, fruits and vegetables, cured meats and fish, intriguant flavors – they blend perfectly in our new fall-winter menu.

So prepare yourself for a well deserved trip through textures and flavors, it will surprise each and every sense of yours.

Spiced Apple

#PictureThis: you’re next to a fireplace. It’s still early, but outside it’s getting dark. The fire illuminates the whole room and the air smells like spicies & sweets.

You may think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and so would we. But it’s still early for that.

It’s just a cold afternoon. A perfect one to enjoy a hot drink and good book. You take a sip of the punch next to you.

The apple, the lemon and the ginger mix perfectly together and a warm atmosphere embraces the room. Are you sure it’s not Christmas yet?

Ginseng Elixir








#PictureThis: you’re in a cozy place, e.g your favorite coffee shop, surrounded by friends and people who share the same interests as you.

No one is wearing a mask and they don’t even have to. The pandemic never happened.

You already had 2 coffees today, so you feel like trying something else. Something from the #FallWinterSpecials got your attention.

Ginseng Elixir, a delicious seasonally-minded hot punch with chunks of pineapple made with in-house ingredients, as the barista explained to you.

Plus, you’ve heard that ginseng is an immunity booster. Who knows when this will use you?

Asian Orange

#PictureThis: you’re spending the cold season somewhere under the bright sun. A place where quilted jackets and thick hats were not even invented. Somewhere in the Philippines, where the Average winter temperature is 27°C. Nice, right?
As you sit on the beach and sunbathe, you suddenly feel the desire to cool off with a drink. Something refreshing, something made with in-house ingredients, something different than your usual cup of lemonade.
A lemonade made with sea buckthorn puree, freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice. Asian Orange, a delight inspired by your dream vacation.
Btw, did you know that sea buckthorn first appeared in Asia?

Duck Sandwich

#PictureThis: You’re having brunch in the middle of the week. No, you’re not on vacation, but you feel like you were. And no one can blame you.

You’re having a coffee from Costa Rica and next to it, a Duck Sandwich inspired by the Asian Cuisine to complete your journey of the senses.

You take a bite from your sandwich. A sip from your coffee. No, you’re not dreaming, you do travel, but only with your senses.

Shrimp Salad

#PictureThis: You live in a house by the beach. You have a simple and happy life in a small village in Thailand. You swim. You ride your bike to go places.

You wake up before sunrise to buy fresh seafood off the fisherman’s boat and prepare breakfast with it. Next to it, you add some fruits & vegetables from your own garden.

Today’s dish: shrimps salad, one of your favorites. Food-wise, this is the best part of the day. Enjoy it!

Loco Moco

#PictureThis: A girl just welcomed you with a flower lei around your neck. Everyone is wearing thin clothes and having fun. Bathing suit, hula skirts and bare feet, you’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth, you’re living the Hawaiian dream.

While you’re admiring the hula dancers vibrating on hawaiian beats, a local comes to say hi. The flower leis and the hula hoops are not the only traditions around here. Do you want to try a local dish, he asks.

Loco Moco, simple food with simple ingredients, a dish featured in contemporary Hawaiian cuisine. I can stay here forever, you whisper to yourself.


Now, more than ever, travel with your senses and taste them all at Meron Platinia, Monday – Friday (8:00-17:00) & weekends (9:00 – 17:00) ?