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Every coffee cup can make a difference


Every cup of coffee can make a big difference — for some over mood, and for others over education. We’ve partnered with Asociația Păsări for a special project: on the 30th of May, every coffee purchased at #MeronHorea supports the education of children with medical diagnoses.

Join us in making a meaningful impact. Each coffee helps provide essential educational resources to these incredible children, giving them a brighter future. Together, let’s brew a better world, one cup at a time.

Join us on Thursday, May 30, for a journey at #MeronHorea, where every coffee purchased will support the education of 100 children with serious illnesses from Asociația Păsări. Save a life with each coffee – one coffee helps educate a child.

Asociația Păsări is an NGO in Romania that aims to support the education of children with serious illnesses. Children who, at a young age, have received a diagnosis that is difficult to bear even for an adult, deserve to know they are not alone in this fight, which unfortunately continues even after hospital treatment is completed. Although school is free in Romania, no one talks about the support, costs, and effort that a child and their family must make for the child to be able to return to class alongside their peers. Children supported by Asociația Păsări receive a monthly educational scholarship, intended to help them catch up on missed material, for therapy, and for the educational materials necessary for reintegration into the educational process. We want all children to be able to spread their wings and soar towards their dreams.


Thursday, May 30

7 AM – 6 PM

Meron Coffee, Horea nr. 5, Cluj-Napoca