Ethiopia, Burtukaana on Meron’s brew and espresso menu


Coming straight from Yirgacheffe, naturally processed at Sede washing station, this particular lot, stood out through complex citric notes, winey aftertaste and a nice bergamot note. Classic and very characteristic, vibrant and structured, perfect for those who like a distinctive and defined natural coffee. Complex brightness, tasting notes of passion fruit, wine, grapefruit, sweet lime and hops with a fine dry finish.

Heirloom variety, natural processed, carefully picked up from 1900 m altitude, with a cupping score of 87.5 points and funky complex cupping notes, Burtukaana makes the perfect choice for the summer days.

Carefully processed, roasted accordingly to enhance the origin details, and freshly brewed for you in our coffee shops. This Ethiopia can be served as a brew (we recommend the V60 method for clear aromas, or the cold brew for hot summer days). You can also enjoy it as an espresso, but only at Meron Napoca. Just ask for it and let your cup of flavors to wake up your senses.